Monday, September 21, 2009

The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K Paul

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The Vanishing Sculptor Donita K Paul

The Vanishing Sculptor. Is that a great title or what? I have not yet read The Vanishing Sculptor, but I have a few friends that are die hard DragonKeeper fans, and their recommendations have motivated me to read this book by the Queen of DragonKeepers, Donita K Paul.

The Vanishing Sculpture takes place in the same world as the DragonKeeper Chronicle series, only earlier and in a different location. Young, insecure Tipper, a female emerlindian, is shocked when her sculptor father disappears. In his absence, the family estate falls apart, along with Tipper’s mother’s health. Tipper is forced to sell her father’s artwork in order for them to survive. When she discovers that she has inadvertently put her father in danger, it looks as if Tipper, alone, must save her father. But, with the help of some colorful companions, Tipper and her friends set out to save her father’s life. On their way, they not only find adventure, wizards and unusual librarians, but also miracles and grace.

Some things I’ve heard about The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K Paul:

The Vanishing Sculptor is right up there with the rest of the books in the Dragonkeeper series.

I love that this book takes place in a different time and country, but still has a couple of the old characters. I won't say who, but they brought a smile to my face!

If you loved the DragonKeepers series, you will love this book. If you haven't read the

I read the first chapter on Donita’s website. I broke out into a joyful laugh over the character: Beccaroon, a very large parrot. I really liked the author’s description of the main character, Tipper -–The colors that Tipper had “decorated her face” with and the “fancy braid that started at the crown of her head”. The first chapter looks like we are in store for some truly interesting and alluring characters.

Please head over to the following places to get more information about Donita K Paul’s book The Vanishing Sculptor.

CLICK HERE TO buy the book, The Vanishing Sculptor

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Donita Paul’s Web site
CLICK HERE TO GO TO Donita Paul’s blog

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My favorite quote from a friend regarding the author:
Mrs. Paul is the only author for which I own a t-shirt. It's got a picture of a dragon on it, and says, "Look wise, say nothing, and eat only those who annoy you."

Look what Donita K. Paul said...
Man, I just realized I should have asked you all to promote the library contest we are running. You could win a box of WaterBrook books or a visit from me to your library (public or school.) Check out the front page of my website.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I got to see Donita at ACFW this past weekend. Whoo-Hoo!!

Great post, KM. This looks like a fantastic book.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great inaugural post, KM! Great to have you a part of CSFF.


KM Wilsher or gzusfreek said...

Lynn ~ Did you meet her? So cool :O) What a great weekend you musta had!

Rebecca ~ My inaugural post. Sounds so important :0). . . Thank you for the welcome and for letting me participate!
What a great first author, Mrs. Paul!

Kat Heckenbach said...

The DragonKeeper books, and The Vanishing Sculptor, are fabulous. Definitely some of my fave books ever!

Great post, KM!

Ban said...

You've found another one I've never heard of ! I'd love to check out your post over on CSFF ... do you have a link ?

Julie J. said...

I love your blog layout! Welcome to CSFF Tours! I hope to get to know you better through these great posts!

Rachel Starr Thomson said...

You're going to love this tour, I suspect! I joined last year (and couldn't read the first couple of books because I came in so late), and it's been a great experience so far. You've done an excellent job of covering the book and author without having the chance to read the whole thing :).

KM Wilsher said...

Kat! I know you love this book and author! Thank you for stoping by :)

Ban ~ Donita K Paul is a veteran in Christian Fantasy - you should pick this up. This would be a good place to start :)

KM Wilsher said...

Julie J and Rachel ~ Thanks for the warm welcome :) I am so excited to be part of this tour.

Your posts are excellent and I can't wait to see you around the blogsphere ;p

Chris said...

This was an awesome book. I got the chance to read it late this summer. The characters are a lot of fun to follow.
Donita was the first author I ever got to meet. I came to a booksigning she was holding in Colorado for DragonFire. She gave me some awesome advice. Really got me excited about sitting down and writing my book!
Great post. =)

Krysti said...

LOL! My son has that shirt too. It's gotten a little small, so we're going to have to size up! I also have one of Donita's dragon shirts.

Mine reads: Trouble comes easily when you're a dragon...

Sigh. How true!

My daughter's tee reads: If you POKE the magic dragon, PUFF will be your name! I think it's hilarious!

You can find more of Donita K. Paul's dragon tees on under DonitaKate.

I'm still hoping for the "Wear Pink: it confuses the enemy" shirt as a birthday or Christmas gift sometime!

Welcome to the tour KM! Your post was very entertaining.

Donita K. Paul said...

First post? You sound like a veteran. I am enjoying this blog tour, but I must admit I've used it to procrastinate this morning. Who wouldn't want to visit places where your work is being appreciated, rather than sit down and work hard to produce another work to be appreciated next year. Man, I've got to quit visiting these head-swelling sites and buckle down to some honest, head-shrinking work.

Fred Warren said...

Nice job, KM...welcome to the Tour! Thanks for dropping the clue about the dragon tees, gotta get one now. :)

Phyllis Wheeler said...

Welcome to the tour!

Dona Watson said...

Welcome to the Tour! You've made a great start with a very nice post. :)

KM Wilsher said...

Chris, did you see who commented after you? :)What a great mentor. Keep up the writing! Are you a member of ACFW?

Krysti, Fred, Phylis and Dona!!! Thank you :) Looking forward to seeing you around the blogsphere :) Time to get a Tshirt!

KM Wilsher said...

DONITA K PAUL ~ Akk! Thank you for stopin' by :)!!!! Stop by anytime to get "encouragment" and "head swellin" compliments!!!

Donita K. Paul said...

Man, I just realized I should have asked you all to promote the library contest we are running. You could win a box of WaterBrook books or a visit from me to your library (public or school.) Check out the front page of my website.

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I meant to mention that I got one of those tee shirts too. Love it! They are a LOT of fun. (And yes, we have to make participation in CSFF sound important! ;-)