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IMDB SYNOPSIS: The Quileute's close in on expecting parents Edward and Bella, whose unborn child poses a threat to the Wolf Pack and the towns people of Forks.

KM's REVIEW:  In one sentence: Fans enjoy, those new to the Twilight series go with your friends who are fans. BREAKING DAWN is one of the better of the series.

But isn’t that applicable for the entire Twilight series? The movies are for the fans. They are made for those who love Edward and Bella and want to see the story of their love on the big screen. Twilight has acquired a multitude, a mass, a powerful mob of fans. {Some of them my closest friends} Twilight is an inexplicable, ridiculous phenomena. I enjoy sharing it with my friends who are diehard fans. And I did enjoy most of this movie.

The Good:
 1. I noticed Stephanie Meyer produced this episode in the series. The difference is palpable. The lack of Hollywood glam? Refreshing. The story-telling? Enjoyable. It was a wonderful experience.

2. Bella has not been my favorite character from the get go/book one. She’s whiny, melodramatic and unbelievable. I have never found Bella believable in print or onscreen. She has no grit. She’s a gloomy teenager who has no confidence in herself, is clumsy, helpless and wishy-washy – would she really fall in love with a vampire AND want to become one? 

HOWEVER, Breaking Dawn Part 1 finally gives Ms. Bella Swan some substance. It comes with her pregnancy. Finally! Yay! I can believe her. The moment Bella feels that new life move inside her she becomes a character I can adore. Mother instincts? I don’t know, but Bella, stands up to Edward and her new family! She endures the most horrific pain and agony for this little life inside her. Finally, I respect Bella, finally I relate, finally I like her and the movie ends. . , lol

The Bad:
That horrific, long honeymoon. . .I get that Edward doesn't want to hurt Bella while making love, but I really think they missed the mark here. The scenes were long and boring, I did not feel the sexual tension just: ho - hum!

The Ugly:
The only thing ugly about this movie is the fact that it is 'Part One".  Twilight is a cash cow and this movie makes that more than obvious. For me, the story started when the movie ended.

I did enjoy seeing this movie, but only because so many of my friends love the story. I relish in gratefulness to be able to share it with them.

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