Friday, February 13, 2009

Fill in the blank by KM Wilsher

It's Friday the 13th and Jesus Christ is on the throne.

I've been thinking this week:
Sometimes you just have to ________________

Have French toast and bacon for lunch.

Pull over and let that guy pass you that's been tailgating you for 30 miles on the two lane highway. (even though the line has been broken yellow dashes for 22 of those miles)

Invite people over after church so you'll finally do that spring cleaning. (Don't forget the singles - support your local christian singles!)

Call Grandad the day after his B-Day since you were sick on the real day - And NOT beat yourself up ALL day.

Break down and get highspeed internet.

Get involved.

Write it one page at a time.

Cling to hope.

Renew your trust in Him.

Dance all night.

Turn the page.

Go out with the girls on Valentines Day!
(I'm free later on, however ;)
The one God has is worth the wait!

Fill in the blank my friends!


Kat Harris said...

Sometimes you just have to ...

hang on.

let go.

close your eyes.





eat pizza and chocolate.

go back to bed.

Thanks. I needed this.

gzusfreek said...

Kat~you really are the best! Sometimes I just have to let you know it!
Happy Valentines Day!

Tracy said...

Very cool!

Sometimes you just have to:
~ Eat desert first
~ Walk in the rain
~ Embrace the ones you love
~ Praise God
~ Hit things (I recommend pillows)
~ Laugh til you cry
~ Cry til you laugh

This was fun!

gzusfreek said...

I loved all of them, Tracy!

Praise God!
eat dessert first!

You guys rock!

This turned out great!

Brandon Barr said...

Hi gzusfreek :)

Somtimes you just have to...

-stop worrying
-slow down
-be still and know He is God.

gzusfreek said...

Brandon, I needed those this week -Be still and know that He is God.
mmm yep!

Avily Jerome said...

Sometimes you just have to ________

Ignore the dishes and take a break. :)

gzusfreek said...

Love it, AJ. Thanks for you comment! hee hee. . .I think with three kids you have to ignore the dishes sometimes just to get a break! huh? :)