Thursday, January 14, 2010


Top Ten Lists. "10 is easy, how about 3?!"

WOW! The 10th day and last day of Top Ten Lists minus 7!

KM's top 3 big screen actions scenes
1. The fighter jet chasing Bruce Willis in DIE HARD OR LIVE FREE

Live Free Or Die Hard - Funny bloopers are a click away

2 Vin Diesel driving the Charger down the hill while dodging the gasoline semi tractor trailer that rolls down the hill after him. Michelle Rodriquez barely makes it inside the car from the roof as the burning truck flies by in the most recent of THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS.

3 James Kirk as a boy running from the police in his dad's car. He drives it right off a cliff, leaving him hanging over it by his fingertipss in STAR TREK 2009

KM's top 3 luxury items on a deserted island
socks, pillows, soap ( I know boring )

What about you? Top big screen action scene?

Luxury item/must have when "deserted" on an island?


Chris said...

But all three of those were car chases! Hmm. I'd have put the duel at the end of OotP right in the middle there. I liked that chase in Die Hard.
If I were deserted on an island... First I'd want a solar powered phone to call for help, then a good book to read while I wait for rescue, and then a volleyball to chat with in case I get bored.
Good post. ;)

lynnrush said...

OMG, in Die Hard, I love the part where he takes down a helicopter with a car. Remember that? LOL.

This fighter jet part was sweet too, though.

Chris....LOL, solar powered phone to call for help. GENIUS!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Michelle Gregory said...

i agree with Lynn and taking down the helicopter with the car.

what about the helicopter chase scene in True Lies when Arnold is chasing the car that has his wife in it and it's about to go dive into the ocean?

some of the action scenes in Avatar are really good, but i can't think of one in particular.

love your 10 - 3 posts. what a great idea.

Lori Lundquist said...

KM - loved this series. Fun to think about and read others' faves. I love action movies, but I can't think of specific scenes at the moment. My faves, though, would prob. have occurred in Gladiator, LOTR, Pirates or Star Trek 09. :-)
Love Chris's answers for desert island! Um, I'd want... a pen and paper to write down any story inspirations I got while sitting on the beach, a fresh water supply (or a natural spring of something yummy and nutritious like pear nectar or Monster Energy - Lo Carb of course), and... I think I'd start missing my toothbrush pretty quick.
Have a great weekend!

lynnrush said...

Ohhh, Michelle, you're right AVATAR! That had some fantastic scenes, huh?

Peter Stone said...

I've seen the first and third ones you mentioned. The Star Trek one was a riot.
Funny, I was going to say that one of the most memorable action scenes I've seen was Bruce Willis knocking down a helicopter with a gravity defying car, but someone beat me to it, LOL.
But my fav, too hard to choose. I liked the two Terminators meeting in T2; and Neo fighting all the Mr Smiths in the 2nd Matrix.

KM Wilsher said...

Peter Stone from Australia. Great stuff going on at your blogs for sure! Thanks for stopin by so I could discover them!

It is so hard to pick a couple, isn't it? Much easier to pick top 10 than top 3.

I liked the two Terminators meeting in T2, yep that was grrreaat.
I didn't see the Matrix 2 How many Smiths were there?

Good to see you, mate! ( do they say that in Australia? :0) I know you are a brother in Christ - that is the best news!)