Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cinema Sound Off - I AM NUMBER FOUR

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KM’s Review:
 Okay, Paranormal fans, here's the scoop. This production was Killer with a capital K. (Do they say "killer" anymore? Well, Sik, Phat, you get the idea) Move over Avatar, Twilight (Okay, if you know me, I didn't like either of those movies anyway LOL)

Story. A+ The plot was intriguing and they wove the back story in without labor. Tid bits here and there that never took you out of the story. 

Characters were dimensional. 
Alex Pettyfer  ...         John 
(The main character. Cute. 12, but cute. Alone John would have been just all right, but the following supporting characters make him 'out of this world.' * Warning, bad pun LOL)

Timothy Olyphant    ...       Henri 
(John's protector. Wanted more from this character. I liked his cryptic warrior-ness, his protective fatherly-ness)

Teresa Palmer  ...         Number 6
(Okay, stopping here. This chick was one of the best kick-butt-chick characters ever!! Her 'gifts' were amazing, her style was cool, smooth! The writers, the production, the acting for Number 6? Impeccable!)

Dianna Agron ...         Sarah 
(A lead female character with some depth. Sarah used to be the cool, stuck up chick, but fell from the 'in' crowd. Now she's a artsy loner.)

Callan McAuliffe        ...         Sam 
(At the top of my list for geek characters! And I love my geeks. This guy is just plain fun!)

Special effects. A+ Transformers has nothing on I am Number Four. I am kinda speechless.Even the big, slimy creatures kept my attention!

Lack of cheesiness. B- I will say there was an element or two of cheesy with the villains, But cheesy in IAN4 is nothing like the mom or that gross little dog in Transformers, or the drawn-out-bubble-gum emo of Twilight.

There were some parts that left me wanting more. Like more of Timothy Olyphant's character Henri, but that's probably because I am 40 and the average age of this audience is probably, what 17? 

I say: I am Number Four --- bring on Number 5! I am off to buy the book which is the first of a proposed 6 book series click here to read about it.

KM's rating:

5 tickets. A must see. Buy a ticket for everyone.

Top rating for a great flik! This is up there in my fav's of all time!!

What do you say? Have you seen it?

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