Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Shack - My first book review

According to a post on his blog, William P. Young originally wrote The Shack as a story for his kids. It was just a creative way to pass on the his Faith to those he loved the most. He bound it at a copy shop and handed out a few copies. With a life of its own, this small spark turned into a practically unstoppable blaze, and before he knew it everyone wanted to read it -and it was published.

That spark reached my dad and my sister-in-law, Reg; and at a family reunion this Labor Day, they both recommended I read it. Reg's church even discussed it in a service once. Since Labor Day, it seemed lots of my friends were buzzing about The Shack.

You have to pick this book up. It’s a quick read -246 pages that make you feel like you’ve received a copy shop-bound letter that someone lovingly trudged out across its pages in hopes to share his Faith.

This fictional story, on one hand is a compelling fictional novel, and on the other, is touching, life-changing devotional. It helps you return to that child-like faith before institution, religion, and the world spoiled it. You cannot read this book and not question, reveal, confess, reaffirm, recommit, challenge, converse, pray, love, let go . . . I have written down many passages from the book for future reference to remind me of the intimacy I felt while reading it. Moments I’ll treasure for a life time.

I will only tell you a little of its story line. After a horrific incident, a man named Mack has an encounter with God at an abandoned shack. I think even one more hint may give away some of its magic. That is how it was presented to me, and that is how I will present it to you. I will also say, however, it is a story, a novel – inspirational fiction.

The first half of the book left me breathless; the second half slowed, but it did bring closure. There are refreshed truths I take with me, and other stuff I leave behind, but I am better for reading it. Better? I’m closer to God as a result of The Shack, and anxious to reaffirm my relationship with Him with every breath. So thank you Willie!

Mr. William P. Young has a blog too.
Follow this path to the endorsement’s page. I think you’ll be surprised who you find there.


Brandon Barr said...

Hi gzusfreek,

Your first review, that's very cool!

This book (The Shack) has raised quite a bit of discussion in the blogspher--both positive and negative.

I haven't checked it out myself yet, but maybe I will...then I'll know what all this talk is all about :)

1d1w1y said...

Good job, and you made your first review on my birthday, now that was a gift in itself.

Can't wait to read it.

Amy Deardon said...

Nicely written review!

I know many Christians who really liked this book. I think its main message that God doesn't want bad things to happen, but He can make beautiful things out of them nevertheless, is inspiring and comforting. There is much truth within this book, and I deeply respect those who feel it is helpful for them.

Even so, I had trouble with some of the theology, and don't recommend this book myself.

What the heck, I'll give you the link to my review here:

gzusfreek said...

Thanks so much for the comments guys!
I did not know there was so much opposition out there regarding The Shack. I guess I'll research a few other reviews next time I review.
Check out Amy's review (link on comment above from Amy Deardon) and Chuck Colson's is here:
One of the lines from Chuck Colson's blog is:
“That is not to say The Shack is without merit. The centrality of Christ and God’s breathtaking, costly love come through loud and clear. But these truths are available everywhere in Scripture, everywhere in Christian literature. You do not have to visit The Shack to find them.”
In my blog I say:
“There are refreshed truths I take with me, and other stuff I leave behind,”
I know the love Christ really touched me when I read this book and I have a boost in intimacy with the Savior, but all sides must be looked at.
Next review I'll show both sides!
Thanks so much for your comments!
Much love,

Anonymous said...

This was a great book. It rocked my world, to tell you the truth. I was a skeptic when I had heard a few things about the encounter with God at the shack....but I wanted to find out for myself.

It was great. I can't believe no one would pick up his book so he had to self publish...Man, I tell's crazy.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, gzusfreek.

Avily Jerome said...

Thanks for the review!

I've heard a little from boths sides of the debate, but haven't read it yet to form my own opinion.

It's on my list.

And hey, check you out with all your blog visitors! You go with your bad little self!!!

P.S. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile- busy busy week!
See you this weekend!

gzusfreek said...

Thanks for the comments, Lynn and Avily! I am so excited to see your beautiful faces this Saturday! You guys rock!

Gabrielle said...

I've been reading it too - I'm nearly done. Mine is full of highlighter.

gzusfreek said...

Gabby, I can so relate! hee hee love ya!

Amy Deardon said...

Just wanted to say hi :-)

Amy Deardon said...

Hi! Hey, I had a contest this last week but already did the drawing -- wanted you to can email me if you want...

Travis said...

You've been tagged. See my blog for details.

Travis said...

I just wanted you to know that I went and bought The Shack, and I think you're review was very well done. You may have a knack for these things. I'd recommend you to contact Rosslyn Elliot on the Inkhornblue blog. She is a reviewer for Thomas Nelson, and you might be able to get in on that gig...

gzusfreek said...

Thank you for the comments Travis, I would love to know more about that!