Sunday, November 23, 2008

Woman of Faith

My mom and I attended the Women of Faith Conference yesterday. First Christian Church sure had good tickets. We had third row seats! I was surprised at how "entertaining" it was-- lots of comedy, singing, and skits. I was a little disappointed because I was expecting a lot more in-depth bible study. That doesn't make them wrong, just means I had different expectations. There were a couple of deep, touching moments. Here is one:

Mandisa performed (you know the beautiful girl from American Idol) I really enjoyed her. Her voice is other-worldly. It was kind of a surreal feeling to be 100 feet from her, and her songs have such a great message.
Well, check out the video above, and you will witness the best moments of the weekend. See you around the net!


Amy Deardon said...

Sounds great! How wonderful that your mom could go with you

Anonymous said...

Wow. Let there be light. I was moved to tears watching that 8 minutes of Let there be light.

I have no other words, except WOW!

Thanks for that

gzusfreek said...

Lrush - I reacted the same way. . .good stuff. Amy - Mom and I are really close and in the last couple of years have shared our faith. We haven't done that since I was a little girl . . .:-)

Avily Jerome said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Missed you at my house, but better luck next time! Glad you were able to go!

gzusfreek said...

AvilyJ-yes I missed being there too. In fact, got home before 5pm and was tempted to call you, but was tired from the conference. Next time for sure!

1d1w1y said...

Thanks for the link, would not have known anything about the conference or the speaker. You teach me so well.

Sheila and Jackson Fish said...

That sounds like so much fun!! Good for you for going!! Hope all is well these days.. on a side note, do you know when your school schedule is for this/next semester? Jackson and I are coming down to AZ on like the 13th to the 20th of December and leaving the 10th of January. Let me know what you'll be up to and we'll see if we can visit you!!