Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Award. . . mmmmmm

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program, Word Wednesday, for station identification and The Honest Scrap award.
I was tagged by the Blundering Discoverer himself: TheBlunderingDiscoverer
to receive:

The Honest Scrap award:

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it honest (hence, the award 'Honest Scrap'), even if you have to dig deep!

B) Pass the award on to 8 bloggers that you feel embody the role of the Honest Scrap. (This is an award only to display on your blog that everything you write on it is in truth, sincerity, and integrity.)

Drum roll please:

1 I am totally overwhelmed by paper. When I visit other people’s houses, I am amazed and stumped. Where is all your paper? Mail, critiques, notes to yourself, receipts, handouts, church bulletins, coupons? Oh, you get the picture.

2 In 1985, I received a ticket for swimming in the drinking water supply in Cortez, Colorado.(It was a lake! We didn't know!)mmmmm. . .do you really want to go on?

3 I love movies and watch at least one new one a week. I would love to do a screenplay! And, I drink at least six Diet Cokes per day.

4 I love muscle cars. The most beautiful car of all time: 1972 Chevelle Malibu Super Sport – positive traction, red and black, 350 Big Block engine! Hear me roar! One day!

5 My favorite color is pink, but I dream and write in blue. And when I’m in traffic I see RED! It is not my friend!

6 I have spent 4 years working towards the skill of stenography(225 wpm - I am writing 160 wpm). For now I edit for court reporters, but I will be a closed captionist/court reporter one day. And I will see my novels in print. Oops – did I say that last line out loud?

7 I love to hike! Surprising? My favorite place right now is Papago Park, but in Colorado I almost made it to the top of a 14er once! We used to go every weekend and hike and rock climb and camp. That was a few years ago when there seemed to be a plethora of time! Where did all that time go?

8 Though I haven’t been on a set in a while, I am a drummer. I received a full ride scholarship for it in high school, but turned it down to follow my dreams of being a heavy metal rock star! I never made the cover of Rolling Stone, but you can find me on the advertisement page of:

9 94% of the men I’ve dated have been musicians or artists. (Thus my single status maybe? No offense to any artistic gentlemen reading this!)

10 I have a racy heritage. My great, great, great grandfather, Mr. JR McChesney invented the GAL LEG SPUR.

Okay, Travis. Revelations? – There is the good, the bad and the ugly!
Now, I am suppose to tag 8 others, so ta da! Here they are!

Brandon Barr The Christian Science Fiction guru and Coauthor of "When the Sky Fell" (pre-order now on the side of my blog)

Lynn Rush Paranormal guru, author of Light of Truth and the most interactive blog on the net.

JC Lamont Shaydenite warrior princess, author of Prophecy of the Heir, leading the battle for the unborn.

Avily Jerome Model of fairy wings, author of Identity Crisis, Finding Fantasy, and the best word and story games ever!

Tracy Keck Beautiful mother and her blog is an ezine -- just check it out! The female Max Lucado.

Shawna Williams Brilliant author of Edgy Christian Fiction. Mother, wife, and cruise buff!

Kat Harris Our resident authority on journalism, music, and pop culture. The author of The long Road to Heaven.

Gabby Industrial Revolutionary Beautiful and writer extrodinaire --the only one who can say more with 2 words than most people can in twenty!

Hey guys, REMEMBER, it’s a tag not a rope! Don’t get tied down if you don’t want to! It's just - I'd love some honest scrap from ya'll!


Anonymous said...

OH GIRL, this is great! Nice job on the list. I will keep the tradition of the Honest Scrap Award going.....


Thanks for the nod.

Travis said...

Great job, KM-
I knew you could do it. And, I'd be proud to sport a pair of those spurs any time. I wonder if they'd match my hat?

gzusfreek said...

Lynn~ Thanks - I can't wait for your acceptance speech - JK. . .I'll be looking forward to reading your list! Hope you are well!

Travis~ Thank you, sir. And I think there are some relatives of mine somewhere that could custom craft them in the color of your hat. Thus matching your hat real nice! :-) Thanks for the fun!

Brandon Barr said...

Wow, that's an impressive WPM count!! You have valuable hands :)

Avily Jerome said...

Hey cutie!
I can't guarantee that I'll follow through with the tag, but it was fun to read yours!

BTW, regarding the overwhelming paper thing- COME VISIT MY HOUSE! You'll feel right at home!!! :)

Gabrielle said...

Wow. I had NO idea!!! (j/k). You've got some good stuff in there!

gzusfreek said...

Why thank you BB/
It took lots of practice to get that fast -lots of practice! One day maybe they'll make up the money they've cost me! hee hee Thanks for stopping by, Ent hunter! :-)

AJ~I hope you feel honor not obligation! I'm just glad to find that there is someone else on earth with paper! LOL

IR Gabby~I know, right? Thanks for your comments. I loved your list on facebook! You are so good with the few word answers! wow!

Amy Deardon said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing :-)

BTW the paper gets me too. I bought a cube and a bunch of manila folders from Walmart -- I file bills and important papers alphabetically, and every new year I get a new cube. I also keep a spiral notebook by my computer to jot notes etc. so at least I know where they are. Paper still piles up, though!

gzusfreek said...

Thanks Amster! For the comment and the advice. . .it's been fun!

Tracy said...

Ok, I played along... It was fun learning so much about you! Muscle cars, drums, spurs and swimming in the drinking water... I don't think it's just the relatives that are a bit racy! ;-)

Thank you for the very nice compliment you paid me, but seriously female Max Lucado!? Those is some pretty big shoes to fill! Yikes! This was fun. Thanks for sharing!

gzusfreek said...

Yep Maxi! Paige Lucado, right? :) Thank you for playing along! These tags always make me feel indulgent, but you guys are the best friends on the net!

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Interesting facts! I like to hike too. I also thought your ancestor's invention was neat.

Alison Bryant said...

This is great, KM!
Muscle cars...have you seen the movie "Better Off Dead"? (80s teen comedy) the '67 Camaro in it is quite a specimen.
...And if Travis ever struts around town with those gal leg spurs, you can be sure that as his friend and yours I'll send you a picture.

gzusfreek said...

Jennifer, thanks for stopping by. I'll "hiked" on over to your blog and loved it! I want to pick up one of your Medieval books!

Alison, sweet, Alison - Have I told you you are my favorit Texan! hee hee. . .You and Travis are great!
I haven't seen "Better Off Dead", I'll have to check out that Camaro!
My fav is Drew Barrymore's car in Charlies Angels. . .that's a 72 Chevelle! whoo hoo
...And if Travis ever struts around town with those gal leg spurs, you be sure to send a picture. I think we could do a blog tour with that pic! LOL

Kat Harris said...

You're a drummer? You've been holding out on me.

I'm looking for a drummer! You need to come to Nebraska ASAP. (OK, wait for tomorrow's snowstorm to pass first.)

I'm trying to write these songs of the soundtrack to my novel, and the one big thing holding me back right now is the lack of a drummer.

Shees. :-)

Thanks for the award.

I'll be passing it on soon.

gzusfreek said...

Kat~ The earliest flight out is Monday and I have to be in court ---- You know, I was swimming again LOL JK

I saw you needed a drummer. . .maybe one day you'll find me out in that snow right beside the nativity scene!


Kat Harris said...

The nativity scene is no longer in the snow. It's in the attic, and that's no place to put a drummer.


But you're welcome to come jam any ol' time!