Sunday, October 11, 2009


October 12, 2009

Oh, to travel in time. To be an explorer when the unknown frontier still existed. Columbus. Erickson. And my favorites Louis and Clark.

If I could jump into any fantasy world and explore to my hearts content, it would have to be MIDDLE EARTH.

How about you?

A galaxy far away?
The Final Frontier?
Platform 9 3/4?


Lori Lundquist said...

When I think of exploring, I think of the amazing places here on earth that actually exist that I'd love to visit and experience and explore and enjoy. However, I think I read books of all sorts b/c of that exploration spirit, so I'd probably go to any of the places you listed and love it... except for Waterworld, unless it was to rewrite the script. :-) AND THEN I think of HEAVEN and that we'll have a NEW place to explore for eternity. I plan on flying, swimming without needing to breathe... um... oh, talking to animals... What an adventure that will be. :-)

LynnRush said...

OH gosh. I'm not sure where I'd want to go. Waterworld would be cool, as long as Kevin Costner was there to take care of me. I'm not much for fishing the way he fishes. LOL.

Ban said...

No question - if I could visit any place from a book it would be the world of Melanie Rawn in Dragon Prince. It is the book that first inspired me to create my own worlds.
However, if I were to go somewhere permenantly I'd have to vote for something futuristic because I love technology, modern medicine, running water and toilet paper !!! :D

Billy Coffey said...

Oh, I'm with you. Middle Earth would be the place to go. Atlantis would be pretty cool, too. I'd stay the heck away from Wonderland, though. That place freaks me out.

Chris said...

Oooh. I'd love to explore Middle Earth, but not in the Third Age, it was too dark then.
I'd have to say hands down Narnia wins. I'd love to explore the Lantern Waste and the woods surrounding it, see all the cheery talking animals, hear the dwarves underground, talk to a Centaur... But that trip wouldn't be complete without visiting Cair Paravel. I'd love to see the peacock feathers behind the thrones. =)
I'd also like to visit Diagon Alley. That place was wicked cool in the book. lol

KM Wilsher said...

Oh, yeah. Heaven, the New Earth. What a great place it will be. I love this old Earth, except that it is now ruled by the Prince of Lies. Colorado is my fav, Lori.

Lynn, Yep. I'd love to travel on that raft with Kevin, even with his webbed feet hee hee

Ban, Melanie Rawn in Dragon Prince? I have to check this out. And I can see your point about the toilet paper LOL

Billy, You know, Wonderland was weird wasn't it? That and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, not my favs. See ya in Middle Earth hee hee

Chris, Have to agree with you there Cair Paravel would be the place to be. Narnia always seemed so cold. . .then so did Middle Earth I guess.

Diagon Alley, oh yeah. Stop by and see Fred and George!

Kat Harris said...

I'd only like to travel to Middle Earth after the ring was destroyed.

(Just call me Yella.) :-)

Rivendell would be very cool.

Brandon said...

What a decision. Middle Earth, I have to agree. To me, that world represents our own, but with the blinders stripped off and the true spiritual fight clearly seen.