Thursday, October 29, 2009

Your favorite horrific, creepy bad guy


Who is your favorite creepy guy of the big screen?
Doctor Crane from Batman Begins

Who is your favorite horrific guy in print?
Severus Snape from Harry Potter

Tell me about your horrific characters. Do you have any creepy guys in your Tale inProgress?

From my sword and sorcery story, COBRA CUTLASS: Sorceress Evixen Mosk – A Beyta demon from the depths of an Euvel cave.

From my sci-fi tale, REMNANTS: Gnuid – Captain of the Guard for two kingdoms, loyal to neither.


Kat Heckenbach said...

My favorite creepy bad guy is Kurgan from the first Highlander movie.

And Voldemort. Of course :).

As for my own work...well, to be honest, if I tell you about the bad guy in my novel it would totally give away the plot. But I do have a wickedly cool demon in my short story "Willing Blood."

Anonymous said...

OH yeah, Dr. Crane IS scary. He's crazy-insane.

Love the photos you found. . . wow.

Let's see, from me--I'd say that Hannibal guy. Yikes. He freaks me out.

From print? Not real sure, Ted Dekker has a couple scary guys from his Circle books. And that dude from Showdown, I forget his name.

From my writing? Hmmm, from my first story ever, Light of Truth, I'd say the Azazels are pretty scary. Then again, in my newest one (still not titled yet) there is a wicked-scary demon who can create demons with just his breath. . .

Anyway, great post. Happy Friday.

Lori Lundquist said...

LOVE the pics you have here. Fuel for the imagination!
Like I said, I don't watch many creepy movies... I think Cillian Murphy, who played Dr. Crane, was super creepy as his character in Red Eye. Also, the remake of Cape Fear, I watched when I was a little younger, and Robert De Niro's character scared me senseless! Scary books... I couldn't read Peretti's The Oath at night, so the monster in that to me was chilling. But I LOVED it. In my stories... I have mean characters, but none really that are evil... except a new one coming up that isn't on paper yet... :-)

Kat Harris said...

I don't know KM. If it weren't for the glowing eyes, Gnuid would be kinda hot. :-)

My favorite creepy guy from the big screen is the Dracula character in Van Helsing. Love that movie! I don't remember what the guy's name is -- Richard Roxburgh, I think. (He's also the guy who played The Duke in Moulin Rouge.) Crazy.

Anyway. My favorite creepy guy in lit would be Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King's "It."

Great topic!

Chris said...

Oooh. Just that pic of Doctor Cane gave me chills. I HATED him!

The scariest bad guy I've ever seen in a movie was... The child snatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I'm serious. He gives me the creeps.

In print? Marsuvees Black, currently. He's in Ted Dekker's book Showdown. I quite liked the bad guy in House, too. Barsidious White. I wonder why he uses colors for his badguy's last names? >_>

I've got a couple of creepers in my WIP. I'm gonna submit my pages for the Rattler soon, so you'll probably get to read about my big bad evil antagonist soon.

So does the Sorceress. I've got one of those near the end of my book. Her name's Sankara. That Gnuid guy sounds totally cool. :D