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KM's Review:
I have not read the Twilight series. I read most of the first two books and gave up. I didn't enjoy them.

I liked the Twilight the movie. I did. I really liked New Moon. That trailer for New Moon had me salivating and the movie did deliver. But, Eclipse? Another story. I fear they threw this together last minute, and I know they tried WAY too hard. The weak flashbacks that were the heart of the story, the cheesy newbie vamps coming to a battle that never satisified me. . .Had me asking: that's it? Really? And, you'd think after two other movies they'd have done something with Jasper's hair. He's Civil War soldier for heaven's sake.

Okay, I'm sure you could care less what I didn't like about Eclipse. Here is what I did like:
I adore Charlie. I enjoyed him in print, but full screen Charlie is the sweetest father ever! The scene where he and Bella discuss her virginity is PRICELESS. . . way to go.

I finally warmed to Edward. I know, I know, he's the vampire who chose Bella over all the women in space and time -- past, present, future -- but the 'I-love-you-so-much-I-have-to-leave-you' banner he's carried always made me cringe, clench my teeth. Really? This is the guy of guys? And when he sabatoges the truck so Bella can't go and see Jacob -- Again, I think "controlling macho man'. . . However, when Bella asks Jake to kiss her -- (Something I found believable and relateable. What else would have kept Jacob from leaving?) -- Edward's reaction was, well, marvelous and endearing. Okay, I'll give him a chance now.

And finally, Bella said:
“This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob—it was a choice between who I should be and who I am. I’ve always felt out of step—like, literally stumbling through my life—I’ve never felt normal, because I’m not normal. . ."
After Bella said this: all her whining, her going on and on, her unbelievability suddenly softened to a dull whisper.

This "Twilight Saga" experience has been such a great bonding experience with the females in my life. Everyone from my best friends to my coworkers. . . I will continue this conversation.

KM's rating:
2 tickets See it, but by yourself on DVD or Blue Ray

(I know I'm going to hear about  his one LOL)

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Chris said...

Yes! Someone agrees with me! I liked New Moon SO MUCH more than Eclipse. Eclipse just felt like... rehashed angst and a couple of flashbacks. I felt like we were covering the same ground again... oh well.

What I WANTED to see throughout the movie was more of the volturi (and less of Edward LOL). What I got was... dissapointing. I did like that one vamp girl's flashback, but the civil war one was strange. And Edward LYING to Bella and SABOTOGING her car!?! No. That's too far. I couldn't stand the creepy stalker element to him in the first movie, but now he's controlling her life. An unhealthy relationship, to be sure.

I understand that Edward was good in that moment at the very end, but seriously, who is ever bad all the time? That didn't redeem his character for me.

I liked Alice and Charlie. Lots. :)

Lori Lundquist said...

If I had not read the books first, I probably wouldn't enjoy the movies because they are an interpretation of the books and an attempt to stay true to them so as not to anger the fans too much. That's why, I think, it feels stiff, rehearsed, like flipping through chapters, instead of a movie. I don't mind b/c I'm looking for certain elements from the book. I understand why those who don't know/like the story would not like the movies.
Also, Edward's actions are described more in the book, or at least his motivations, and thus are far less creepy. You can only put so much up on screen and then there are hundreds of people deciding what is crucial to convey or leave out. Everyone who enjoys the books will have an opinion on that, and it won't ever be exactly in unison.
That's why I like the movies for what they are, but the story from the books is what draws me in, and my interpretation of it (which I discuss on my blog Dry Ground - but you already knew that!) :-)
Thanks for your honest review, KM!
My top 5 of summer so far: Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3, Karate Kid, Robin Hood and Iron Man 2. Favorite year-to-date: How to Train Your Dragon (hands down!)

Brandon said...

haha, I haven't seen this one but I did see the first too films...
I guess I now have a good motive not to go see the third one with her :)

Don't worry, I'll make it up to her with a nice dinner date ;)

Brandon said...

the "her" was my wife Amanda!

KM Wilsher said...

Brandon, we all knew you meant Amanda :) yeah, take Amanda to dinner, tell her to rent Eclipse! :)

Lori, I adore your Twilight devotions -- they are advertised on the side of my blog! ;) -- I see what you are saying, that the movies are hard to make from the books and real fans read the book and see the movies, but the first two movies were great, this one was awful . . .I just think they need to rethink it. :)

Chris, yeah, I can see where Edward needs to do some more to totally be redeemed. . . I'm just not that into him :) As you, I did like the first two :)

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Anonymous said...

TWO tickets? Really? I think I was being generous on my review, huh? LOL. Probably cuz I love the series so much....You are spot on with this review. :-)

That virginity scene STILL HAS ME LAUGHING. Da-Da-Da