Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CINEMA SOUND OFF with Lynn Rush and KM Wilsher


KM’s Review: I received a couple laughs from this movie. At one point, Jeff Bridges' character tosses some kids off the porch. Didn't hurt the boys. Very funny. There were couple other humorous parts, but all in all I didn't enjoy this movie.

You know those annoying old, drunk men who cannot stop talking about themselves? Well that was Bridges character, and I felt like I was strapped down and forced to listen to him for two hours.

There were many scenes that were so grandiose! Long monologues by Jeff Bridges that didn't move the story forward. And Matt Damon? What's up? I thought he was finally growing as an actor. I wish he would have drawn on his performance in Geronimo: An American Legend. I thought he did well there.

The lack of contractions is admirable, true to the time. No can'ts, don'ts or shant's. But none of the actors made it natural, except maybe the female lead.

And the ending was like: Ok. That's it. We are done now.

The freshest thing about this film was the female lead {Though I am afraid she appeared good because the rest of it was sooo bad} AND Barry Pepper. He did a great job playing the dirty devil outlaw. . .no Hollywood cowboy there, true to the times, believable. A raw, ugly, chilling outlaw.

KM's rating:

Sorry. I am sure there was a lot of work done on True Grit. But I give:

1 ticket –Don’t go see it. Give your ticket away

What do you say? Have you seen it?
Now, come with me and Catch the Rush. . .at to see what Lynn Rush has to say.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, that "kicking the kids off the railing" part was super funny. We're sick, KM. LOL!!

Oh well, dud of a movie but fun company! See you on the next CSO movie adventure! :)

Lori Lundquist said...

Saw it - and for the most part I agree with you. Loved identifying Barry Pepper through all that authentic rough and tough! Boy if it wasn't slow, though! A well made film, but also a drag. Hope you enjoy the next pick for CSO better. Have a good day, KM!

Nisa said...

See, I can't imagine seeing it without John Wayne in it so I wasn't planning on going. Good to know there were other reasons not to go! Hehe!