Monday, January 19, 2009

When the Sky Fell by KM Wilsher

Growing up my sister and I had no brothers and, therefore; no footballs or GI Joes, trucks or mud -- just Barbie, bows and patent leather shoes. Poor dad. We loved hanging with our cousins Brenda and Kelly, but when it came time to hang with the boys – Frank, Jimmy and Johnny – it was like visiting another planet. What a gas! No dolls or princess books, just basketball hoops, dump trucks, and spaceships. Don’t get me wrong, we loved it. I mean, if you lived on Jupiter wouldn’t you be excited to have the opportunity to visit Pluto? It was a grand adventure, and I still remember the feeling.

I just read the first two chapters of "When the Sky Fell" and I'm telling you, that old, "grand- adventure feeling" returned. I was transported from my familiar, girly, earthly realm into another world - a very intelligent, action-packed, masculine world. It's co-authored by Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch, and these guys can write! I'm now a fan of this genius writing team.

Brandon Barr has said of their novel, '"When the Sky Fell" is written in the way of that old 40's- 50's golden age space opera.' I would agree with him. The two chapters I read are laid out like a smorgasbord of space battles, stunning, multiple moons and beautiful star clusters. It's full of tasty morsels of sci-fi themes with real characters asking timeless questions. Tension is in the air as a new kind of radar has picked up approaching intruders. An entire colony has been destroyed by -- by whom? I can't wait to see what happens next. The scheduled release is May 2009, and I am on the edge of my seat waiting for it to hit my mailbox.

So I don't know where I first heard of Brandon Barr's blog: ChristianScienceFiction@blogspot, however, as an aspiring author of fantasy/sci-fi genre, I'm sure glad I did. Not only was I grabbed by "When the Sky Fell", but I fell upon another yet-to-be-published work by Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch work called "After the Cross". I'm excited about this one too! "After the Cross" tells of three of my favorites archeology, action, and Jesus. At a newly excavated Medieval library, a discovery is made that could rock the foundation of Christendom. What is found is an ancient parchment written by a Muslim scholar which supposedly reveals the resting place of Jesus’ cross. This news is kept quiet by a billionaire whose illegal activities are threatened by the letter’s discovery, and convenes a team to discredit the manuscript’s authenticity. Keep your eye out for this one.

So make sure to pre-order "When the Sky Fell" and look for "After the Cross" to be released. You'll be glad you did.

A full synopsis of “When the Sky Fell” is here:

To read the first two chapters of "When the Sky Fell":

To pre order "When the Sky Fell" by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr:

To read the first chapter of "After the Cross" by Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr:

Oh, and check out the co-authors, Brandon and Mike, on the web too:

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Tracy said...

Ooh, sounds interesting. Love your description of it! Blessings!

gzusfreek said...

Thanks, Tracy!

Anonymous said...

Nicely written, Gzusfreek. Sounds great.

I didn't have any brothers either, but I still had dump trucks and stuff.....can we say "tomboy?"


Kat Harris said...

Growing up my sister and I had no brothers and, therefore; no footballs or GI Joes, trucks or mud -- just Barbie, bows and patent leather shoes. Poor dad.

My sisters and I now call that drowning in the estrogen ocean. :-)

This book sounds like a lot of fun.

Brandon Barr said...

I know this is bad etiquette commenting on a post about my own book, but hey, I'm only human. Just wanted to say thanks for your enthusiasm. Mike and I worked hard on that novel, and I can only thank God that it's a mere month away from print!

Mike Lynch said...

Brandon stole my thunder here, but I would also like to personally thank you for your kind comments regarding our upcoming novel. It is quite humbling to see how one's work has had an impact on others. I guess that's why we get into this crazy business. Anyway, I just say how much I appreciated everything you said.

Mike Lynch

gzusfreek said...

lynn - Tomboy? LOL You are such an inspiration to me! Hope you'll like the book! Yours will be in print before too long! I'm sure it will be. Check out Silver Leaf Books the publisher of "When the Sky Fell". Their website has some stuff for aspiring authors.

Estrogen ocean, LOL. You didn't have brothers either I take it! Girly house/estrogen ocean hee hee Good one! The book sounded good to me too! Thanks for stopping by!

Brandon, Bad etiquette? No way! I was hoping you'd stop by! I am excited for you all also! Keep up the good work! We'll be watching.

Mike, What a nice surprise! You and Brandon have something going here! I am so happy to be able to watch it/read it. Write on, brother! Write on!

Avily Jerome said...

That book sounds like fun!
After you read it, can I borrow it? :)
Remind me to loan you The Wheel of Time. It's a GREAT fantasy world setup- I bet you could find a lot of inspiration/help from that series.

Alison Bryant said...

Thanks for letting us know about this. By the way, I've really liked the different pictures you've posted as your banner.

Amy Deardon said...

This book sounds great! I'll have to check it out.

BTW gzusfreek, your graphics are AWESOME! You should enter your website in a contest somewhere -- I bet you'd win :-)

gzusfreek said...

Avily, Alison, and Amy (My next book I have triplet sisters named Avily, Alison, and Amy JK!)

AvilyJ-You know, you gave me such great advice with Firefly, I'll have to check that series out.
Thanks for stopping by, I bet you and your hubby would love this book!

Thanks for stopping by. The book is exciting. As for the pics, it was so hard finding them on the net without "stealing" so I started doing my own! Thanks for your comment!

Amy, It's good to see you. Thanks for the comment, the book is out in February. I have read yours too!
And the graphics. . .I'm on the commute everyday drawing and photographing. . .lots of fun!
If you see a contest - let me know!

gzusfreek said...

I totally took all the credit. Shame on me! Most of the pics have not been mine over the course of the time I've been posting. I just started posting mine this week.

But please visit the artists keeping my site beautiful- links are on the right side of the blog: (free background)
Jeff at Feebleminds
All the fantasy pics are his.