Thursday, March 19, 2009

Phantasmagorical Freek Friday by KM Wilsher

Have you heard of Pandora? The free internet radio termed, “The Music Genome Project”, can be found at:

Unlike the horrendous things that flew out of the box when Greek Mythology’s Pandora unfastened the lid, this Pandora has opened an astounding new world for me. You enter in a song or a group, and they award you with songs that resemble your choice. At Pandora I am able to hear songs I love, and be exposed to new songs that are comparable to my favorites, thus widening my musical orbit.

It was there I first heard Plumb. Plumb is listed as Christian contemporary, but some of her songs are raw and wild and have ended up on my personal internet radio. Tiffany Lee is a solo artist now, but “Plumb” used to be a band. She kept the name when she ventured out into the world as a solo artist. I have read that Plumb crosses into many different genres of music. A few songs of hers have certainly crossed over into my music experience!

My favorite is: I can't do this
Check it out! Just click on the title.

Who/what is on your play list this week?


Brandon said...

I enjoy Plumb. They play them on my Christian radio station out here.
Lately I've been listening to Worship music, electronica, and Shachah.

gzusfreek said...

I'm intriqued and encouraged to grow when you tell me what you are listening to, Brandon. I always find a gem when I research what you list on PFF. :)
Thank you, my homework is to find out what Shachah is hee hee
Have a great weekend!

Tracy said...

Hmm, I'll have to check out Pandora! I've not heard of Plumb. My own playlist can be anything at all - well, mostly anyway. I'm not real fond of jazz, opera, or today's rock or hip hop, but other than that, I'm pretty agreeable. My ipod has Casting Crowns, Martina McBride, REM, Bon Jovi, GnR, Chris LeDoux, and everything in between.

gzusfreek said...

mmm, Tracy, think you could sell me that play list? Love it! :)

Billy Coffey said...

I'd never heard of Plumb, either. Gonna have to check that one out. Thanks for the heads up!

gzusfreek said...

:) I think you will enjoy her, Billy. Thanks for your comment!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi KM,

Thanks for sharing that with us! Very insightful! I'll be sure to check out Pandora.

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Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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gzusfreek said...

Will do, Mark. Nice site you have going. Thank you for stopping by :)

Kat Harris said...

OK, I WANT this.

I loved this. Love her voice. Love the sound.


gzusfreek said...

"I loved this. Love her voice. Love the sound."

Kat, very cool! Me too and I just had to share.

Happy, happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

I like Plumb. That song, I can't do this, is great. I haven't ventured into the world of Pandora yet. I've heard a bit about we'll see.


gzusfreek said...

Thanks, Lynn. I hear that "Plumb" is old school. Whatever that means. I just liked a couple of the songs and you know PFF is sharing!

Travis said...

This week I'm going with "greenfields" by the Sons of the Pioneers.

I thought plumb was a condition. You know, he's a half bubble off of plumb?

gzusfreek said...

LOL, Travis your are the greatest ever!!!!

Yeah, I thought it was a color. . .oh wait, that has no b.

JK- thanks for stoppin' by!