Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your name as a Pirate posted by KM Wilsher

Jack Sparrow. Captain Hook. Blackbeard. Henry Morgan. Oh, those famous pirates.
Have you ever desired to sail the high seas? Dreamed of peering down into Davy Jones's locker? Longed to attack Spanish galleons with Sir Francis Drake. Aye mate, the romance, the adventure! Personally, I want to be a Goonie :)
Here is a site that shows you what your name might be were it Sir Drake, or Blackbeard who hired you.

Click below:
Pirate Name Generator

Mine turned out to be:
Pirate Carmen the Well-Tanned

Oh - that is funny!

What is your pirate name?


Shawna Williams said...

I'm Pirate Francis the Dagger.

Billy Coffey said...

No-Eyes Ron.

How am I supposed to steer my ship?!

Travis said...

Blind Bill, here. I guess I'll help Billy with the sailing...

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness. That was fun:

Eye-Gougin' Louise Cooke

That's funny.

Yeah, I'd rather be a goonie, too, KM!! **smile**

Shawna, I like Francis the Dagger. That's sweet. Billy and Travis: No eyes and Blind....Hmmmm, seems to be a trend there.

gzusfreek said...

That is sooo funny!

No-eyes Ron and Blind Bill, What did you do to Eye-Gougin' Louise Cooke? LOL We've got to keep her away from Francis the Dagger. That's all she needs is more sharp tools :)

And if Louise is the Cook we better check our stew for eyeballs.

I don't care who steers the ship, just keep the sun shining on my deck cair. ~ Sincerely, Carmen the Well-tanned.

gzusfreek said...

Is there any connection here with the fact that I spelled web "site" - "sight" in this post?

Kat Harris said...

Attention: This is your captain speaking.

I'm Cap'n Julia Ropeburn.

gzusfreek said...

I'm rolling Kat! Whoo hoo! Captian Ropeburn!

Brandon said...

Wow, I really like my name, but I don't think I've ever scowled in my life...

Scowlin' Bailey Hornigold

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm getting a kick out of reading these names you guys got. SWEET! Kat. Ropeburn...LOL. That really had me laughing.

gzusfreek said...

Scowlin' Bailey Hornigold :)
yeah, Brandon, none of the pics I've seen of you have really shown a scowl-just that precious smile! However, I always wondered if you had an alter ego. You know, after months on a ship alter egos can't help but be revealed :) hee hee

Lynn, this has been fun, hasn't it?! I think there is a great, story full of adventure and drama waiting to be written!

janelle said...

Mine is Cap'n Yvette Knocknees - maybe Kat and I can help Billy and Travis. They're men so they won't want help but we could just help them without letting them know we're around cuz they won't see us!

gzusfreek said...

Cap'n Yvette Knocknees - I love it Janelle! aye matie :)
"maybe Kat and I can help Billy and Travis. - cuz they won't see us!" That's great! They are gonna need it eh?