Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthology Submissions

Thanks to you all, my story is in top shape, and I submitted it for consideration to an anthology Saturday night.
It's in God's hands now! :)

[I have written a wraith, half-orc, and two-headed dwarfs in. So much fun!]

The choices for title came down to SUICIDE REDEEMED and LATITUDES OF HOPE.

I really liked Latitudes of Hope, but I felt 'Latitudes' was a measurement term bound to earth not space. So I'll save that for another day and the title becomes: SUICIDE REDEEMED.

The short story tells of the redemption of a Vampire, Vin, who "committed vamp suicide" a century ago by jumping into outerspace and floating, alone.
Dr. Shed, an evil scientist and paranormal medicine man, is gathering species with all types of abilities and abnormalities to build himself a paranormal army. One of his prized possessions is, Vin the vampire, a creature Shed found floating in space.

The River, a place where paranormal creatures find Jesus and redemption, have sent a team of their elite to rescue the paranormal creatures Shed has kidnapped, and claim them from his evil control. The River and Vin have a connection. Her name is, Sardonyx, Vin's mentor in Christ and life-long love.

They all meet in a massive war to free the captive creatures, including an attempt to free Vin from his self-made, suicidal tendencies.

I am sincerely indebted to those of you who, last minute, edited my story! Happy Writing!


Chris said...

Awesome! I hope it makes it through! I really want to read it (and great title choice!).

KM Wilsher said...

Thanks, Chris, me too! :)
You can read it anytime!
The title came from the blog suggestions during TITLE WEEK. Special group of writers we belong too, eh?

How's Chris' journey? I keep seeing you on facebook as a MOVIE STAR ;) Great work! You are so creative!

God bless!

Brandon said...

This sounds epic! :)

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love Suicide Redeemed. Woot!!! I can't wait until that Anthology comes out. I'm gonna snatch it up quick!! :)