Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CONVICTION ~ CINEMA SOUND OFF with Lynn Rush and KM Wilsher

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KM’s Review:

There aren't a lot of movies out there right now that catch my attention and make me want to head over to the theater. I didn't think I would enjoy CONVICTION either, its a dry movie season this year, few good movies.

That said, you must go see this movie. I am pleasantly surprised! I guess it only playing at a few theaters, so look it up and make the drive wherever you can to see this movie.

I believed Hillary Swank in this role, more than some of the roles she's received awards for. Minnie Driver gave an outstanding performance (when does she not? :) Sam Rockwell? I haven't seen him in any role better suited for him. . .the cast is amazing.

Sometimes movies based upon true stories can be slow. The editing and directing of CONVICTION weaves this tale in a way that always keeps you guessing and at the right moments makes you erupt in tears and goosebumps.

KM's rating:

I won't hesitate to give CONVICTION five tickets:

5 tickets. A must see. Buy a ticket for everyone.


Now, come with me and Catch the Rush. . .at to see what Lynn Rush has to say.

What do you say? Have you seen it? Have you heard about this true story?


Anonymous said...

Great review, KM. Right on. I loved the twists and turns. Great stuff!!