Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The search for a title for my short story continues!           

I have the following suggestions, which is your favorite? A combination?


Welcome Home             

Prison of Suicide

Suicide Redeemed             Alone No More

Redeemed                             Inside Suicide

Restored                                  Deadly Hope

Rescued                                    Latitudes of Hope

Free the captive creatures         Self-made Prison

The short story tells of the redemption of a Vampire, Vin, who "committed vamp suicide" a century ago by jumping into outerspace and floating, alone.

At the same time Dr. Shed, an evil scientist and paranormal medicine man, is gathering creatures of all types of abilities and abnormalities to build himself a paranormal army. One of his prized possesions is, Vin the vampire, a creature Shed found floating in space.

The River, a place where paranormal creatures find Jesus and redemption, have sent a team of their elite to rescue the creatures Shed has kidnapped, and claim them from his evil control. The River and Vin have a connection. Her name is, Sardonyx, Vin's mentor in Christ and life-long love.

They all meet in a massive war to free the captive creatures, including an attempt to free Vin from his self-made, suicide prison.

Thanks guys! This is great!


Kat Heckenbach said...

I like the suggested "Suicide Redeemed." Or maybe "Suicide Redemption."

The synopsis sounds cool, but then I already love Suicidal Instinct :).

Can't wait to find out the final verdict on the title.

Anonymous said...

There are some good ones here. . . hard to choose. Okay, my faves are:
Suicide Redeemed
Latitudes of Hope

Have fun title hunting, KM.

Chris said...

I like the "Suicide" ones.

"Prison of Suicide" is a really good one. I also like "Suicide Redeemed".

Anywho, I really liked that story. =)

Anonymous said...

So, what did you decide to go with, KM?

Anonymous said...

So, what did you decide to go with, KM?