Friday, October 31, 2008


Wow! It was a busy week, with two separate tests in two separate classes. My medical terminology class is mostly memorization, but my English class is really difficult. I’m taking it “online”. And what that means is, they hand you a book, and a sheet of paper with dates on it, and they say, “These are the test dates. See you then.”

I have never taken a class online before, and, if I can help it, don’t think I will. In my medical terminology class, we have lecture, power point, and discussion. I am at a 98% in that class. The online English I am on the fence between B and A.

I always knew I was an auditory/visual learner, but this confirms it. But does it? I am beginning to wonder if I learn best that way, because that is how I’ve always learned. We did not have any online classes mid-eighties. Is learning style something you’re born with or does one learn how to learn? -- Nature vs. nurture.

Despite the obstacles, I did well on both tests. It’s been nice to take all academic courses this semester. For many years I’ve been doing the court reporting speed courses. In speed courses you go in, you warm up, and you test how fast you are. . . every day! It’s nice to be doing something different this semester.