Friday, October 31, 2008

Some thoughts on AJ's blog

Check out my friend Avily Jerome's blog for her entry "Red Sea Rules Part 2". It got me thinking that for years I have wondered how the Father brings Glory to Himself through all my difficulties. And I guess I do not see my struggles as difficulties, but failures. And, for so long, I haven't been able to understand how leaving me in such failing waters could Glorify His Name. I think to myself; "If only You would deliver me, Jesus, just think of the Glory that would bring! Oh, such Glory! I would shout your delivering ways from the mountain top!" Standing in the echo of such thoughts, I realize -- How much Glory comes from easy? How much more Glory is brought to His name, when I shout His Name from the mountain tops, despite what struggles I swim in – all the while standing firm in the Faith that He will deliver me! My Deliverer is Coming! Yours too!


Avily Jerome said...

Hey Sweetie!
Thanks for recommending my blog!

That book has really been helpful to me- I'm glad I could pass on some encouragement to you!

Soaking up the Son said...

ajerome, your spirit is very encouraging to me. Keep on keeping on, sister avilyj. I am glad God brought you in to my life!