Friday, June 5, 2009

Phantasmagorical Freek Friday by KM Wilsher

PFF was designed to showcase metal/goth/alternative/hard rock artists who give Jesus Christ glory.

So there he was -- JOSH BROWN -- shooting up cocaine all day and leading his then band: FULL DEVIL JACKET onto the stage at night. In the late 1990’s JOSH BROWN possessed a measure of success. FULL DEVIL JACKET opened for bands like Creed and Train. But the party - the drugs began to own him. The drugs became a god as Josh lived in rebellion; and after a while he came to believe that the true God was just mad at him, and would never forgive him for the rock star lifestyle he lived.

In 2000 Josh Brown almost died of a heroin overdose. However, through rehab and his wife's loving family (who are strong believers in the Gospel), Josh turned his life over to Jesus Christ and truly began to follow Him. Josh then formed a new band: DAY OF FIRE, and they are using their talents to glorify God and pass the truth of His love along.

DAY OF FIRE. What a name. I read that Josh Brown’s conversion felt much like the Day of Pentecost when tongues of fire appeared dancing above the apostles’ heads as the Holy Spirit poured out. Josh may not have seen flames, but he termed his “come to Jesus” moment a “Day of Fire”. Great name! Great testimony!

I really don't want to skip over this. Rock "legends" like Jim Morrison and Curt Cobain died at the bloody hands of drug addiction. Many do not get a second chance after an overdose, and if they do, most don't take it. Josh Brown did not die that fearful day he overdosed on heroin; and he seized that second chance, letting Jesus come in and change and mold him. Thank you, Jesus.

Day of Fire has some amazing stuff out. Of course, I like the heavy
Run (heavy)

[[[[[But no matter what music you like, you have to watch this video. Josh Brown's voice is great and these images are amazing.]]]]]
Day of Fire

Who are you listening to this week?


Brandon said...

Wow, I love hearing about famous people turning their lives around. It's so awesome. The thrills of life never satisfy them.

So cool. Thanks for sharing this.

gzusfreek said...

Thank you, Brandon for stopping by!
I like hearing about them too.
I know Jesus has healed so many. . .I just love to hear their stories :)

Billy Coffey said...

You're right, KM. Lots of people don't get a chance to turn around once they start down that road. What a great story. And what a great sound, too!

gzusfreek said...

I'm so glad you agree and so glad you came over, Billy!

Heart2Heart said...

I love reading people's testimonies of how their lives were changed by the power of God. The stories are similar but they are very different and remain forever changed!

Thank you for sharing this one with me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kat Harris said...

Whoa! I pulled up your post and said: "Hey! I have that CD!"

Cut & Move is one of the best songs ever. IMHO.

The drugs became a god as Josh lived in rebellion;

This is true for so, so many people.

gzusfreek said...

Kat and Kat :) hee hee

Thanks for coming over! I just can't get enough of these great testimonies! Thanks for sharing them with me!

You have the cd? whoo hoo. . .
many,many :)