Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Welcome to the very first Cinema Sound Off. My good friend
Lynn Rush and I love movies
and now we'll be sharing our reviews with you every second Tuesday of the month.

Our first movie to review: GREEN ZONE

KM's review:

I feel mislead by a trailer I saw for Green Zone a while back. I felt like it honed in on The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. And so, when I sat down in my Harkins Theater seat, I was expecting Jason Bourne to walk onto the screen. Maybe not exactly Jason, but someone like him. Green Zone is not an Operation Treadstone flick. It is more of a political/war action/thriller and less the Special Forces-007 feel of the Bourne series.

I like political/war type action/thrillers. I am a big fan of Blackhawk Down, loved Behind Enemy Lines, but Green Zone? Not so much. I grant it 2 tickets. (Click here for rating system)

Allow me insert a note in here. This film would have received at least one more “ticket” from me if not for the shaky camera style. Why replace writing a good story and putting on a good performance with this home-movie-cinematographic technique? I’m going to have to purchase the motion sickness bracelets people wear on cruises and wear it to the theater anymore. Who enjoys it? I would have walked out on Matt and his quivering Green Zone, if it hadn’t been for CSO.

If I am to look beyond the shaky cam, there are things that I did enjoy. It kind of has a conspiracy-theory look at weapons of mass destruction. I love the match up of CIA verses the Army. And Matt Damon looked good. Age looks good on him.

However, if not for the handheld camera, Green Zone's blemishes would have been more apparent. Without spoiling it for those who love Paul Greengrass and his Nausea cam, I'll just say, the ending is predictable. And the anticipation this story builds is short lived and easily solved.
So Green Zone receives

2 tickets See it, but by yourself on DVD or Blue Ray

from KM Wilsher.

Now head on over to to see what Lynn Rush has to say about Green Zone.

And come back in May. I hear we will review Ironman 2.


Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! Cinema Sound Off!!

KM said...

Yeah, the trailer definitely made it look like the Bourne movies. I'm not a fan of the shaky camera thing, either. "The Island" and "Cloverfield" were both like that, and I felt dizzy at the end. lol

Kat Harris said...

Hey! This is cool -- the Cinema Sound Off thing.

I'm not a big fan of the jittery camera man effect either. They make stabilizing devices for a reason. :-)

Chris said...

Yeah, this CSO thing is really cool! And, btw, I LOVE the Bourne movies. I hope they make another.

Interesting review. That was my problem with the show Friday Night Lights. I felt like I was on the ferry trip from Washington to Alaska all over again.

IMO, steady cams should be mandatory. lol

So... I won't be seeing this one. I'll head over and read Lynn's review now. :)

Lori Lundquist said...

I agree - especially about the part when you said Matt Damon looks good with a little age on him. :-) That's for sure, and true for lots of the 30-40-something actors, IMO. :-) Cool idea, ladies. Have fun!