Friday, November 13, 2009

Author Bios

The Holiday Series
November a month of gratefulness

Author Bio Study
As I was submitting my short stories around the net, it surprised me that many places asked for an Author Bio. I mean I was just submitting short stories. Author Bio’s were for Dekker and Peretti, right? So, on the fly, I had to come up with an Author Bio. Whew?!

So this study is to get you thinking. Do you have one? What kind of things make a flashy author bio? Or should it be flashy at all.

While we study, get to know some of my favorite writers:
One major thing I am grateful for is the many talented writers in the Lord has brought into my life. I am lucky to have found the some of The King’s most faithful daughters and can now claim them as friends. So in this series I not only want to study Author Bio’s, but also showcase them.

First up, Lori Lundquist. Lori used to live in Arizona. I am hoping she will again someday. This girl has a great love for Christ and it shows in her life as well as in her writing. Lori has been a great inspiration to me both spiritually and artfully. I am so excited about the things she is sharing over at DRY GROUND. You have to check out her Vampire devotional series!

And now: Lori Lundquist
Lori Lundquist writes diverse, redemptive novels in several genres including historical romance and fantasy. She’s also the author of Dry Ground (, a blog site featuring original articles highlighting spiritual lessons garnered from popular literature and movies such as How Reading a Vampire Book Brought Me Closer to Jesus. She is a wife, a hiker, a reader, a photographer and an amateur nomad/explorer. For now, she lives in Knoxville, TN (for the second time), but don’t worry, that will change. Maybe one day she’ll live close to you.

Check out her Vampire devotional series!

My fellow writers, do you have an Author Bio?


LynnRush said...

I LOVE the devotional of how a vampire movie brought you closer to Jesus. It's so great.

Michelle Gregory said...

your author bio project is what prompted me to do my author interview project.

LynnRush said...

Okay, I meant to say Vampire BOOK not movie. LOL. :-)

Kat Harris said...

An author bio? Why do these words strike fear into my heart?

I'll have to work on mine.

Brandon said...

Kat's comment made me laugh :)