Friday, March 26, 2010


Sarah Connor : Couldn't resist a screenplay character. Saving the best for last.

I would be okay if my life were more like Sarah Connor’s. Weapons training. A new identity every once and a while. Constantly acquiring new survival techniques. Living my whole life as workout, so no need to go to the gym. True love dropping in from the future and changing my life.

I know she’s a little mental, but aren’t we all? Besides she has some endearing qualities. Her love and protectiveness for John Connor. Her compulsion to save the world. Her undying commitment to her cause. Definitely, I could handle a life more like Sara Connor’s.

I think I relate to her in some way, because aren’t we all living a life like Sarah’s, but more on a spiritual plane? We train with the weapons truth, love, joy, and self-control. We put on our spiritual armor daily. Our savior dropped in and changed our lives forever.

Our identity changes more often than we want it to, too. Sudden life changes prohibit us from continuing one path and force us to live another. The CEO suddenly becomes caregiver when his mom gets sick. The airline pilot must suddenly redefine herself; find another career, when she gets laid off. And we all must constantly acquire new survival techniques in order to beat the devil and his schemes.

Our endearing qualities are much like Sarah’s too. We love our children with a passion that brings us to our knees. We have a compulsion to tell the world that Jesus died for all of us, loves us more than we can comprehend. And we have an undying commitment to our cause, life eternal, breaking through the lie, loving our fellows as Jesus loved us and fighting for justice.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

OMG. I LOVE SARAH CONNOR. In T2 when she was doing those pull ups, I was like, "I want arms like that!"

No, I LOVE her toughness AS WELL as her brokenness. I mean, holy cow, the mother of the freaking rebellion leader---that's a ton of pressure. I might crack too.


Great post. I love characters like her. Tough, strong, wicked-crafty, but broken and in need of help even if they can never admit it, or admit it really late.


Kim Smith said...

Great post. I want arms like that, too. And determination and grit like that as well. She certainly knew how to roll with the punches.

Sure, we're all a little mental like Sarah. I think the oddities give us the ability to survive in this crazy world.

KM Wilsher said...

Uh, Lynn, you have arms like that LOL
:0) Wicked-crafty. . .my new favorite word.

Kim, You caught the essence of my post right here: "I think the oddities give us the ability to survive in this crazy world." Beautiful.

This world is a spiritual battlefield. Characters like this one inspire us to be brave.

Thanks for stopping by, Kim :)

Kat Heckenbach said...

Ditto on the SC arms, here! I loved her in T2--we actually just watched that again the other day.

Kat Harris said...

There is no fate but what we make.

Oh yeah. I love Sarah Connor.

Lori Lundquist said...

KM! Great post! You know I love spiritual application garnered from movies, and you made some wonderful points. I'll take the SC tenacious attitude AND the arms. :-)
And you're so right... Lynn has those already. Lol.
Happy Weekend!

Peter Stone said...

Ever since I saw Terminator I've liked the Sarah Connor character. And having suffered severe depression myself, I even related to what she went through in T2. I was delighted to see the show continue through the Sarah Connor Chronicles, but what a shame they canned it.

I like the way you drew a parallel between her life and our spiritual life, certainly a lot of similarities.