Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This week I've posted a few words I wrote inspired by the Word.

Thunder vibrates the ground. Millions of drops shower, dripping down my neck and soaking my shirt. My jeans stick to my legs. Waves of water pour over my head and onto my icy hands, as I hammer the nails into the wood. Each nail holds a 2x4 that will eventually hold the walls around the homeless family we came all the way from the United States to help.

I smile as the saw obeys my arm, and the measurements really work -- Wish I'd paid more attention in algebra.

However, this 37 year old body's aching back, makes me wonder if I will be able to finish the 3 day build. The rain brings questions why I have come in the first place. And the loneliness. Loneliness?

Yep, an older single amongst teenagers building homes for those who don't have one. The youths in stylish t-shirts and Vans run around and laugh and jump, enjoying their adventure in Mexico. I don't fit in, totally. They are respectful, caring, even playful at times -- Of course they are, they are followers of Jesus Christ.

Sure there are people my age, but they are couples. I watch as one man lifts some 4x6's for his wife He deposits them closer so she won't have to bend. Another man in red, plaid flannel hands his keys to his girl so she can go and fetch them lunch. She trots off, wet pony tail bobbing, to the F150 with a heater.

We raise the walls and slap stucco on. I put in 110% shoveling mortar for cement, ignoring my aching back.

Pony tail girl returns with their food using her clear, plastic raincoat to shield their sandwiches.

Man, I'm hungry.

Plaid flannel man wrings out his under t-shirt and complains about the rain and the cold. Wet pony tail  girl encourages him. She says lovingly, "Sometimes God lets the rain come. He allows the storm to show us we can persevere - that He will help us persevere."

Tears sting my eyes and a lump forms in my throat as I look up to the sky -- something I do sometimes when my Heavenly Father amazes me. Rain drops tickle my cheeks, and my heart soars through the misty gray sky. Yes, He will help me persevere and tomorrow we will hand this family of four --the one that has eaten and slept on the ground of Sonora, Mexico all their lives-- the keys to their new home.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Nicely said.

Lori Lundquist said...

Your words painted the scene for me and touched my heart. God is so faithful and He is the Perfect Lover! Sending hugs your way. :-)

KM Wilsher said...

Thanks, Lynn :0)

Lori. Thanks! I love that it painted a scene and touched your heart :0)
You have a way of painting the Perfect Lover too that helps me.
Hugs back, Texas girl LOL

Kat Harris said...

One of my loved ones is going on a mission trip this summer. After reading this, I wish I could go with her.