Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seth Borders The "Odes" of March Series


Seth Borders in BLINK by TED DEKKER
A Saudi Arabian princess, Miriam, flees to America to avoid a horrific, arranged/forced marriage. Seth Borders, a genius grad student, discovers he has power to glimpse into the future. Seth and Miriam are suddenly forced together in a run for their lives. As two governments hunt them down, the couple’s only two hopes are Seth’s new power to glimpse the future, and their Faith.

Seth Border is one of my favorite characters because he comes to believe over the course of the hottest Bonnie-and-Clyde-like road trip ever to coax you to turn the page. I love this guy. He is fearless and in the beginning an Agonistic. Seth discovers he has power to glimpse the future and this power becomes his Faith-discovery journey-- all the while on the run from Saudi Arabian mobsters and the CIA. Seth's leap of faith is bold and bigger than life. His concern and compassion for his Muslim friend (who happens to be a princess LOL) is beautiful. Ted Dekker has written a brilliant book, BLINK, and one of the most inspiring, fun, charismatic characters ever, Seth Borders.

Have you read Blink? (If you haven't, its a must!)
                               What did you think of Seth?

Have any characters whose faith journey inspires you?
Oh and Happy St Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE BLINK! That was a good book. Seth was awesome. I love that he was genuis and was able to wrap his intelligent brain around the concept of faith found only in God's great love for us.


Kat Harris said...

I haven't read Blink, but it sounds really good. I love reading about faith journeys. They inspire me when I'm feeling a little weak.

Anonymous said...

I have a habbit to read books at night. I have not try this but I wanna read this book. Thanks for this great post.

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