Wednesday, August 5, 2009



Here is the promised back cover blurb for COBRA CUTLASS:

Man that is hard. I Still don't like it, but here it is:

With her last breath, Maemi requested one thing from her husband, King Henry: Hide our baby boy.

An oracle warned that King Henry’s heir would be the key to a 1000 year reign by Henry’s descendants. Maemi knew that because of this prophecy, her son would be constantly hunted by demons and sorcerers both near and far.

King Henry complied with his love’s plea and kept their son’s existence a secret. Hiding the scion close, he told no one the heir's true identity, not even the boy himself.

A quarter of a century later. Maemi's fear is realized. Khoran of the Estuary, unexpectedly aligns himself with the evil Sorceress Evixen Mosk, and kidnaps King Henry as a offering to his new mistress of darkness.

Together, Khoran and Evixen will use every power they possess to uncover the identity of the scion and kill him.

Only one person stands in their way, JR, daughter of the Roans, who possesses her own kind of magic. But JR must discover her gift before she can discover the scion.

Read any good back covers lately?


Kat Harris said...

OK. Most of the genres you've posted the past couple of weeks I never thought of as types of books I'd like to read.

However, the books you've chosen sound really, really good. I may have to adjust my line of thinking.


Kat Heckenbach said...

Very good. See, I knew this story would make a good book.

Have I said that before? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, KM. Great job. I really did get goose bumps reading that.

Only ONE person stands in their way...ohhhhhh, got me going!

Nice work, sister.

KM Wilsher said...

Whoo hoo, we got Kat thinking she may pick up a paranormal, a fantasy or a sci fi. . .I know, I know, Kat --- you said "may" :)
So cool (course we all can't wait for Heather to be in print!)

Kat, You are the best! Finding Angel is an inspiration and so are you! Always encouraging me!

Lynn, goose bumps? whoo hoo!
Kind of like the first page of Guardian!!! Thanks sister/friend!

Ban said...

yes, that was VERY dramatic - thanks for finding the courage to post it !!! looking forward to reading a few more snippets *hint, hint*
and any day we can bring someone over to the 'fantastical' side is a good day :D

KM Wilsher said...

Amen, sister Ban :)

Everyone should go over and check out your main character!!! Whew is he hot!

Thanks for coming over.
Have a "fantastical" day :)

Ban said...

*blush* thanks ! Those character interviews are fun. Did one with my heroine too, several posts before the one with Ryen - ever try one ?!?

Brandon said...

Hey KM :)

Great back cover blurb. This sounds like a great heroic sword and sorcery fantasy.

Keep us posted on how it's coming.

KM Wilsher said...

Thanks Brandon! Hope your sequel and After the Cross are going well!

KM Wilsher said...

You guys rock!