Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lynn Rush, BLOG DAYS OF SUMMER by KM Wilsher

As you know, I’m studying “back cover blurbs” and short one line synopses. The goal of this research started out egocentric -- I needed to know all I could about good summaries for back covers, in order to make my work in progress attractive.

As I realized I knew some pretty awesome writers, I got an idea. Why not share these great writers with everyone?

Okay, I could do a whole series on Lynn Rush. I featured her in the first weeks of this summer series, spotlighting her work LIGHT OF TRUTH. But I couldn't wrap up the summer without shining the light on my favorite work by Lynn Rush: GUARDIAN.

Lynn Rush, a great inspiration to me, writes paranormal romance that even the biggest sceptic (me) will love. Her voice is hip and light, but includes some angst and dark forces giving her stories vibrant color.

by Lynn Rush


Protect Olivia at all costs, but who will protect Caleb?


“Run, or you are going to die, too.” – It was an unconventional first greeting. But then again everything between Caleb, the 300-year-old Guardian of the city, and Olivia, the hip, out-of-control college co-ed, was destined to be unconventional.


Wanna know more? You have to come back tomorrow and read the back cover blurb for



Anonymous said...

Ahh, thanks, KM.

KM Wilsher said...

of course ;) you rock!

Ban said...

now you know I couldn't wait - went to amazon. I love paranormal romance - have yet to find one with a christian slant though ('cept for the one I'm working on) but alas ... nothing :(

KM Wilsher said...

Oh ban. . .Lynn Rush's GUARDIAN is not on amazon - yet!
:) And yours is paranormal romance???
mmm. I guess I knew that. LOL
Of course.
I think this is an untapped market then, if you didn't find any PR with a Christian slant. . .
Publishers better get with it! :)
Thanks for stoppin. Ban!

Ban said...

Well, actually, the one on my blog is fantasy with Christian undertones but I've got more than a dozen stories floating around in my head - sometimes I work on one and sometimes another. Helps with writer's block as one will always jump out at me but for the most part I always go back to the first one.
Untapped market eh ? Sounds good to me, though I woudn't mind reading some :(

Billy Coffey said...

Lynn is without a doubt the most prolific writer I know. Can't wait until this one is published!

How ya doin', KM?

KM Wilsher said...

Billy Coffey, I love to see you over here! I agree with your description of Lynn. :)

Love what is going on at "What I learned Today. . ."

I can't wait to see a bound book with your nane on it in my hands :)

Ban~ The commemt about jumping from one story to another helped me. I do that to some degree and feel "sneaky" like I should just write one at a time :) Thanks.

And I love your blog and your writing! Keep up the great work!