Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As promised the back cover for GUARDIAN by Lynn Rush


“Run, or you are going to die, too.” – It was an unconventional first greeting. But then again everything between Caleb, the 300-year-old Guardian of the city, and Olivia, the hip, out-of-control college co-ed, was destined to be unconventional.


Caleb Aspros and his team of Guardians have been charged with protecting young Olivia Cook. She’s a twenty-year-old free spirit who is somehow connected to the next immortal to join his team.

When Caleb first rescues her from evil’s grasp, feelings that have been dormant for three hundred years suddenly surface. But he knows immortals cannot pair with mortals. Or can they?

Caleb’s mortal enemy, four-hundred-year-old Judas Shakur, swoops in and tries to seduce young Olivia away from her protectors. Caleb will risk everything, including his immortality, to protect her.

For more on Lynn Rush or GUARDIAN, click here to go to her website.


Kat Heckenbach said...

Ooooohhh...sounds good.

Ban said...

alright, alright, let me know how I can get myself a copy !!!

Kat Harris said...

Whoa Lynn! That sounds fantastic. I want to read it.

KM Wilsher said...

:) I want a copy too, Ban. We must wait until she is published (which in my opinion should be soon, soon, soon. Not that she has anything in the works, but if anyone can get published it's Lynn Rush. She lives and breathes writing and networking)

Kat, Ban, Kat :)
We will be at the first signing, hey?

Anonymous said...

Oh, you guys are too sweet!

Thanks for spotlighting Guardian, KM. It's been fun!

Brandon said...

A romance and fantasy realism...sounds good. Though I'm a guy, I enjoy a good romance in stories I read and write. Is that weird?

However, When the Sky Fell doesn't really have any romance. All my other stories more than make up for that, however!

This story sounds really intriguing Lynnrush :)

Brandon said...

Hope your days a good one :)

KM said...

I've read four chapters of this already and absolutely love it! :]

KM Wilsher said...

Brandon~I like a little romance :)
And Lynn has the best.
WTSF may not have romance, but the action is awesome. Was telling Mike we just set a course for Antares!!

KM? KM!! Very cool. . You've read 4 chapters? Isn't your fav LR??

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!
Watch this LRush :) She destined for great things!

Michelle Gregory said...

would love to read this one. go Lynn!!