Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BY DARKNESS HID by Jill Williamson ~ The Review

My Synopsis

Achan Cham is a stray. In the feudal caste system of Er’Rets a stray is the bottom rung of society. Without family, he is forced to work in the kitchens and serve an abusive master.

An offer from a charismatic knight to train for the King’s Guard lifts Achan’s spirits. And yet, as Achan grows more capable with the blade and confident in himself, he hears voices in his head. Despite his new found courage gained from his sword training, he fears he has gone mad.

Meanwhile, Vrell Sparrow, a girl dressed as a male stray hiding from an arranged marriage that will unite her to the most horrific of lords, works in the household of a friend of the family. And a powerful man, who covets her strong blood voicing powers which enable to hear other’s thoughts, sends men to fetch her. Though Vrell is admired by a few of her captors, it looks as if she is on her way to the dungeon.

Both Achan and Vrell meet as they get caught up in the whirlpool battle for the highest seat in the land. As century old lies crumble and cruel secrets melt, shocking secrets are revealed about their families, their identities, and the world as they know it. In the end Vrell and Achan are required to run for their lives into the land which is by darkness hid.

My Review

I have to admit, as a writer this book sent me into a long depression – or writer’s block -- whatever title you want to slap onto it. As I read the last page of BY DARKNESS HID and closed the book, I said aloud, “That’s it. It’s been written. The perfect fantasy tale has been written and it is called BY DARKNESS HID.”

Oh yeah, and I went on to wallow about it. Why write? The perfect fantasy tale had been written.

Okay, rest assured that not long after later I have emerged from my self-pity and began writing again, and after you’ve assuredly rested go and buy this book.

These characters are alive, loveable and as real as any I have seen. Without endlesss narrative, you feel like you are in middle of the medieval fantasy world. All that is medieval and fantasy is painted and portrayed in entertaining brilliance.

The action is fast paced without being choppy; the conflict is flashy without being violent. It is my favorite book to date. Aye, my fellow fantasy fan, I said it: This is my favorite book to date!

What more to say? We can look back in admiration at Tolkien and Lewis as they forged the road. We can honor Jordan, Whedon, Lucas, as they constructed their footsteps. But I say, Jill Williamson is a hero of our time.

You decide. Pick up the book.

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In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour, I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.


Jill Williamson said...

I'm glad you didn't stay in your fog long, Kathleen, because I love your Cobra story!

Thanks for touring my book and for all your kind words and support.



Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Well, when I finished reading By Darkness Hid the first time I said I just might have found a new favorite series, so I'm right there with you, KM.

But think about all the good stories out there. Surely there's more than one perfect fantasy! ;-)


KM Wilsher said...

:0) Yup. . .stayed in the fog only long enough to be inspired, Jill!

My pleasure to tour your book.

Yeah, probably a few perfect fantasy stories out there ;0)
Bdh is certianly a fav series!

joven said...

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Thomas Clayton Booher said...

I didn't participate in the blog tour not yet being a member. However, I do plan to write a review on my blog, having read the book only a few months ago. I agree that the book should be high on the list; I was able to read through it without once coming to a place where I wanted to lay the book aside either from disgust or despair. In fact, it held my interest to the end. I really liked it. But I don't think it is the elite fantasy, on the level of Lewis or Tolkien. Jill Williamson may have the potential to become such a writer, that remains to be seen. I think the positive reaction to her book is a reaction to the poor state of YA Christian fantasy being published today. And that is fundamentally the reason why YA Christian fantasy is having a difficult time finding recognition by publishers today, secular or Christian.

KM Wilsher said...

TCB ~ I am happy you commented here. I feel the mere fact that you didn’t throw BY DARKNESS HID aside says something, but I respect your opinion.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There were Dekker and Peretti books I couldn’t finish, I was so bored (lots of them I loved too!). . .not with Jill’s.

I haven't read a lot of "Christian Fantasy". I am no expert on YA Christian Fantasy, so I will take your word for its poor state.

IMHO, it will be books like Jill’s and publishers like Marcher Lord that will breathe life into all fantasy.

Thanks again for your comment :0)