Monday, May 3, 2010

Roswell vs. Twilight on MOVIE MONDAY

I found this 1999 TV show and it was eerie how many similarities it shared with Twilight.


All right, Twilight die hards, there is another series that may pique your interest. In Roswell lives an alien named Max Evans who has a lot of  the qualities of Edward. He is a nonhuman in love with a human girl, Liz Parker who is much more interesting than Bella. Liz is Max's lab partner in science class, and Max has used his superpowers to save Liz's life.

I really like this series. At first, this high school alien stalking his lab partner, was a little too much like its the vamp in Forks that followed Roswell. But after four episodes (Based on the novel Roswell High) I was hooked.

There are three aliens living in Roswell and the authors develop all three of them. I really like the snappy, sassy, sister Isabel Evans (Max's sister is played by a young Kathrine Heigl) and love the other alien Michael Guerrin. He's a cutie! And his bad boy persona keeps the plot interesting.

The authors also develop a  quirky friend of Liz's named Maria. Maria seemed a little too odd at first, but she goes through such human responses to the aliens, I just started to connect with her.

Conflict brews with the sheriff in town, who is the son of the the very sheriff that investigated "the crash" of 1947. And rumors of miracle healings has the FBI is poking its nose around too. They even sent an agent undercover as a teacher.

You can't beat the setting: Roswell, New Mexico for a haunting pallet. I mean, don't we all wonder if there really is a great cover up. And don't we all wonder if the guy next to us might be an Alien?

The three aliens have great powers too. They can manipulate molecular structures. . .play cd's without a player, make the air conditioner work in your car, heal quickly, melt metal. . .so cool.

Put this in your Netflix queue! I know, Twilight fans are Twilight fans, but I am Roswell fan. I wonder if anyone is hiring out there in Roswell, New Mexico :0)

(By the way my dad was in Roswell da da da dum. . .LOL)


KM said...

Woah! Super cool! I'm actually more a fan of aliens than vampires. You don't have to worry about the whole sucking somebody dry thing, which is uber creepy IMHO. Thanks for this. I really want to check this out now, and maybe the book too.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED Roswell! Great show.

Great point, KM--the sucking somebody dry does get a little problematic, huh?


MeganRebekah said...

I used to watch Roswell every week when it was airing live! Thanks for the mini-flashback -- I may need to go rent these DVDs and relive the fun!

Lori Lundquist said...

Roswell was on back when I wouldn't watch an "alien" show for the same reason I wouldn't have read a "vampire" book. But since my reformed thought process :-) I might enjoy this series! Thanks for the highlight, KM! Happy Monday!

T.J.B. said...

Hi there.
Welp, I'm no Twilight fanatic, but on that note . . . I have to say that Ann Rice has written some pretty sweet fantasy-fiction (Christ entwined) novels. ;) Good reads. Nice blog! Love the C.S. Lewis quote at the top. He and J.R.R. Tolkien were geniuses blessed by God, weren't they :)

God bless you on your endeavors!

Taylor J. Beisler
Author and Freelancer
Mat. 6:33

Chris said...

Team Vampire or Team Alien?

I'm with you, KM. Aliens are cool. But how about vampire aliens? That'd be oober cool. haha

I've never heard of this show. Just lately, I've really been getting into the BBC Merlin show. Merlin as the teenage manservant of Prince Arthur? That intrigued me. :)