Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EYE OF THE WORLD by Robert Jordan, a review by KM Wilsher, BLOG DAYS OF SUMMER

Book Review

Robert Jordan EYE OF THE WORLD from the Wheel of Time Series

Did you love Lord of the Rings? Do you still hail the chief: JRR Tolkien?

Robert Jordan has created a world much like middle earth. Names, characters, enemies and lands ~ all reminiscent of Lord of the Rings.

My Synopsis: Meet Rand Al’thor, a teen citizen of the cozy, medieval town called Two Rivers.

Rand is almost as likeable as Frodo and Harry Potter. Just the son of farmer, in a tight-knit community full of tradition, folklore and epic legend; but Rand Al’thor also struggles with the mundane, his day-to-day chores and; of course, the awkward, social growing pains of any normal young man. But is Rand a normal medieval young man?

While going about his days on the farm, Rand begins to notice stalking shadowmen on the horizon. And on the eve of the traditional, annual festival, Two Rivers is ambushed by an army of magical beasts called Trollocs. The baneful creatures are searching for a certain person – and it looks like that person may be Rand, or one of his best friends: Matrim Cauthon or Perrin Aybara.

This devastating, life changing, siege on Two Rivers propels Rand and his friends on a journey far from home. Protected by the good and magic, Moiraine Modred, and her Warder Al’Lan. Well, Moiraine is magic, but is she truly good?

As this group -- travels through many, dulcet lands; uncovers curious secrets; witnesses legends come to life; meets exotic people; and learns to battle unimaginable foes – they all must learn to trust each other and themselves, while not only try to escape evil, but end it for good.

My Review: I enjoyed this great, epic adventure. Robert Jordan’s characters drew me in, as did his Tolkien-like locations. A friend, Avily Jerome, said something like, “Robert Jordan only has to give you a few images, and he sets you directly into his world.” It’s true. Robert Jordan can truly paint your way into a whole other universe.

I enjoyed his transitions and hope to learn from them. With one paragraph, Robert Jordan can transport you from one scene to the next, one week to the next, one town to the next, one battle to the next, etc. Literally awe-inspiring. I feel like this book was a study in master story telling.

The only complaint I have is that Robert Jordan took me to two destinations too many. I was ready for the crowning point a few chapters before it appeared. But don't let that keep you from reading. Robert Jordan is at the top of this genre.

EYE OF THE WORLD is the first in the WHEEL OF TIME’s series of 12 books. And I am confident the late Mr. Jordan only gets better from here - so I have dusted off my bookshelf, just in case.

Do you have Robert Jordan on your bookshelf?


Kat Harris said...

Anything LOTR-ish is up my alley. I'll have to check this out.


Ban said...

I read this a LONG time ago based upon the recommendations of several friends.
I will say yes, I enjoyed it & the writing but there were so many fantasy cliches and I didn't connect to the female characters.
I never read any of the following books, which ends up being a good thing for me as I heard near a hundred reviews saying the series was never-ending and to top it off, Mr. Jordan died and the series is being finished by someone else.
I am NOT saying this to turn anyone off the book - as I said, I DID enjoy it and I don't remember any difficulties with the writing. (Such a problem for me lately :( I am merely saying I didn't continue.
Very good review KM - hope I didn't step on any toes ... that was not my intent !

KM Wilsher said...

Kat ~ Oh me too :p I hear a movie is in the works!

Ban, I can see that. I didn't care for the woman MC's either. I did get wrapped up in Rand and the others.

No toes were stepped on. your comments complete the review. Give different perspective.

I was concerned about just that: "hundred reviews saying the series was never-ending"

When I get to book two, I'll let ya know :) Like I said the crowning point of the first one was way too late :)

Thank you so so much BAN!!!

Chris said...

A friend gave me this book to read last year. But I was so busy with school I ended up having to give it back to him with only three chapters read. It was a pretty massive book, though. =)