Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Word Wednesday by KM Wilsher

Have you missed it?
WORD WEDNESDAY is not a Bible study, sermon or deep devotional, just a place to reflect on a verse or passage that may have touched us this week.

Psalm 35
1 Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me;
fight against those who fight against me.
2 Take up shield and buckler;
arise and come to my aid.
3 Brandish spear and javelin
against those who pursue me.
Say to my soul,
"I am your salvation."
These are rough times.

* My sister in Christ is seperated from her husband for 15 more months.
* My other sister, a single mother, is without car and in refi negotiations for her house.
* My other sister's daughter went to live with her father for now.
* Another sister is unemployed.

Speak to us oh Lord, as we wait upon you, comfort us, strenghthen us.

What are you reading this week?


Lori Lundquist said...

I love the picture you posted with this passage of Scripture. Sometimes I don't think we "get the picture" or understand the battle mentality of our spiritual walk. I feel strengthened and inspired! Thanks, KM!

Anonymous said...

Amen! These are tough times, indeed. But James says to persevere. Also, I'm not sure where it is, but the Bible says, "Who by worrying adds a single hour to his life."

It's difficult for me not to worry sometimes, I keep trying to, but I keep remembering it will NOT bring me closer to God to worry.

Thanks for this post, KM!

Kat Harris said...

Amen, girl, amen.

And yes, I've missed Word Wednesday.

Ban said...

I went to art school with Boris's son :) Course he was several years ahead of me and I never had a conversation with him but ... well, he's as good as his dad.
Thanks for the encouragement - sometimes we get so tied up in our problems we forget to take a knee.

KM Wilsher said...

I loooved this pic too Lori! Sounds like you got the same mental image and feeling I got from that verse - oh yeah!

Loved your bible quotes, Lynn! It will not bring us closer to God! Like that too. :)

Kat! I love to see you here! And I know you like WW. I'll throw a few out her in the next couple weeks :)

Ban-You knew the artists son? wow! I just love that pic. I think I've seen some others he did too. Very cool to be that close to him :)

You girls rock!

Billy Coffey said...

It seems like there is so much pain out there now for so many people. Prayers for your sisters, K.M. I love the picture, and I love that Psalm, too. Life is often little more than joyful battle, isn't it?

KM Wilsher said...

ahh, Billy Coffey!
Thanks for the prayers. God is good and he is the provider. All will work out in Jesus name.

Love that Psalm. We are not the only generation to have trouble. The Psalms show us and were written knowing we will all se trouble, huh? :)

Good to see you BC! :0)

Brandon said...

I also liked the art alongside the Psalm :)
I'm grieved hard times are hitting your family. Remember that no matter what we lose on earth, we are "in chirst" and we have forgiveness and grace. I find those simple reminders comforting in hard times.
I'm reading "The Gospel According to Jesus," and "The Year of the Warrior"