Wednesday, September 2, 2009

PROPHET, a review, BLOG DAYS OF SUMMER, by KM Wilsher

My synopsis of the story: A television news reporter finds himself caught up in a mystery of political deceit and human tragedy all the while re-establishing his relationship with his family and God.
I felt drawn to PROPHET'S main character, John Barret, the moment the author introduced the strained relationship between John Barret and his young adult son. The snapshot Frank Peretti presented of the father’s emotions, regrets, and inadequacies astounded me. Then and there I signed up for this story and knew I’d be invested to the very end.
I’d never read anything like Peretti before. Until then, Christian fiction had been pretty disappointing -- detached and unreal, surfacy and preachy. Frank Peretti breaks all the molds I had encountered. He tells a real story about real human beings. Frank Peretti’s characters let you into their internal dialogue as they face problems that you and I face.
PROPHET includes a speculative aspect, but I think it can be enjoyed by those who adore speculative fiction and those who are not sure.
I liked this book with its relevant, modern day issues, and it real characters, however, it was too long. I did not enjoy the drawn out details of John Barret’s duties at the television station and other drawn out passages. They were distractions and threatened my desire to finish the book. However, I would still recommend it. I think the Christian aspect, the hot political issues, the speculative features, and most of all the characters are enough to say, “Pick up this book.”


lynnrush said...

Right on, sister. This was a good book. Sometimes a little slow for me, but for the most part, fantastic. I love Frank Peretti. He and Ted Dekker are two of my favs.

Great review.

Lauryn Abbott said...

Sounds good. I too dislike when descriptions are drawn out far beyond where they need to be and tend to skim them. But I've not been dissatisfied by Peretti yet. Great review - thanks for sharing!

Kat Heckenbach said...

I love Frank Peretti, but I didn't finish this book. It was due to exactly what you said--the drawn out details. Those totally bog me down, and my mind wanders. I've loved everything else I've ever read by him, but this one just didn't hold my attention.

Brandon said...

Good review KM :)

I have this book sitting on my shelf (I say that a lot...because I have two fully loaded bookshelves stacked with unread books) and yes, I haven't picked this one up yet!

KM Wilsher said...

Lynn. A little slow for you too? Glad I am not the only one.

Lauryn. This one was just step by step how crafts and mechanical things worked. Nothing to do with the story. Other than that, good book!

Kat. I am glad I am not the only one. Whew. But the rest of the book was really good.

Brandon. Whoo hoo. I know that shelf is packed :)

Ban said...

I read one of his earlier books but didn't care too much for it. Can't remember the name now. His writing style and characters were fine but the supernatural elements felt ... hoaky.

KM Wilsher said...

Ban, I can see that. I hear he has some good ones, I don't know.
Prophet may have had some hoaky, but the intrigue, and loveable characters kept me in it.
Thank you for stopin by! :)

Shawna Williams said...

You're awesome!

KM Wilsher said...

Right back at ya, Shawna :)
Congrats on publication!