Sunday, September 13, 2009

THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE #3, Monday at the Movies, BLOG DAYS OF SUMMER by KM Wilsher

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

-Count them down with KM Wilsher

I truly expected TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN would take third place this summer. But no, TRANSFORMERS 2 is a sellout. Sold out to what you ask? Instead of trusting in its compelling characters and strong story, this group of creators sold out to obscene humor, lewd images, and fraudulent action scenes. I cannot endorse it -- I sat embarrassed in the seat between my teen nephew and my dad wishing I’d gone to see ICE AGE with my niece.(Tell us how you really feel, KM. hee hee)

Ok, THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE, was not one of my favorite sections of the JK Rowlings’ Harry Potter series, and so I didn’t know if it would be one of my top movies this summer. Not because the story is awful, or the characters are not adorable, but because it is dark. Not scary dark, I can handle that, but emotional dark. I will never forget my heart ripping apart as I closed the book version of THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE, and so I did not look forward to seeing it on screen. Can poor Harry lose anything more without losing everything he holds dear?

But to my delight, Harry’s sixth cinema installment was thoroughly entertaining. The colors and style of the cinematography were delightful. Sitting in the theater, it felt like a reunion of old, dear friends.


The characters for one. I feel like I’ve watched these kids grow up. Their first day at school, first kiss, their first final exam week. Their developing friendships and shocking discoveries that all in life is not fair. I’ve watched their doubts and fears grow into strengths -- only to uncover new weaknesses to overcome.

The big picture for two. This world that JK Rowlings created is fascinating and believable. Enough real mixed in with fantasy to delight even the most negative of viewers. The fight between good and evil is addicting. I want to see the guys in the white hats win, despite the ground the guys in the black hats threaten to gain.

If this is your first Harry Potter story, don’t judge the whole series by it. Go back to the beginning and watch/read them all. As in life, there are seasons that are not fulfilling. Whole years that seem like “all is lost”. Thus is the content of THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE. You have to see it to appreciate Rowlings’ saga.

So at number 3, I say, “If you haven’t given JK Rowlings’ world a taste, dive in.”


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this movie or read the books. Sounds like I need to.

Brandon said...

I haven't read the books, my wife has though. I did enjoyed the movie.

KM Wilsher said...

Hey Lynn and Brandon. JK Rowling is a genius at her craft. You should read the books. . . :)

Thank you for coming by!

Ban said...

Actually I'm waiting to read all the books (I have them) because I hate movies if I read the book first ;)

Very much enjoyed the movie but I would have liked it better if I hadn't brought my daughter. She's followed all the earlier ones and assured me she wouldn't be afraid - she only jumped the once - however, it was too long for her to sit in the theatre and she got antsy towards the end.

I too like to see the characters grown and see new plots and such reveal themselves, I even enjoyed the darker tone ! If you view the whole series as ONE STORY it makes sense this way ...

KM Wilsher said...

BAN How cute your daughter is-assuring you she wouldn't be afraid :) It was a long one.

The books, Ban, are amazing. I can't wait for you to read them.

Chris said...

I watched all the movies before going to see this one with some friends. I liked the movies a lot, so I watched them with my Mom and Brother and went to see the movie again with them. =)
I decided to read the books to see what happens next. I'm on the second one now.

KM Wilsher said...

Chris, as a writer, what do you think? Does JK compel you?

BTW, love your blog ;)

Chris said...

I'm glad you like the blog, KM. =)
As to your question, yes, they do compel me as a writer. Well-developed, fun characters are what draw me into a novel. JK's world easily managed to drive me into it, as it was so weirdly believable. The progression of the characters in just the first two books is certainly comelling, and, from what I hear, it gets better as the books go on.
I also hope that her writing gets a little better as the books go on as well, Sorcerer's stone had a little too many adverbs for my taste. But in Chamber of Secrets she's gotten a lot better with them.
So it's like you said, JK Rowling is a genius at her craft. =)

KM Wilsher said...

awesome, Chris :) I have to agree that the first two books were just: good. As the series progresses, as the world is built and the characters developed, the writing begins to shine.

What a great conversation. I loved "as it was so weirdly believable" :)

Thanks for stopin by, I'll be keepin my eye on your blog!

Anonymous said...

KM, I nominated you for an award (details on my blog.)

Anonymous said...

Rather cool blog you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything connected to this matter. BTW, why don't you change design :).

KM Wilsher said...

Anonymous, Thanks for stoppin by! You think I need to change the design?