Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday at the Movies

Here is a random movie review I wrote. :)

Paul Blart: Mall Cop On DVD June 2009 Comedy
This is an “out there”, sweet comedy about an overweight, over 35 year old man who is unable to graduate the police academy due to health issues. So he takes a job as mall security.
A single father, Paul Blart, takes his security job very seriously, so seriously he ignores his social life, health and his own happiness. As he stumbles on a hot girl working at the kiosk in the mall selling wigs, he also stumbles into the middle of the crime of the century.
Mall Cop is good for a few laughs and a couple of eye rolls. It is not wholesome but does not have any wild sex scenes or lines full of cussing. I loved Kevin James in Hitch, and he does well with this character (Sorry never watched King of Queens)
Rent Paul Blart: Mall Cop if you are looking for a couple of laughs but expect to roll your eyes too.
2 ½ out of 5 stars **


Brandon said...

Good review KM. I haven't seen Mall Cop, and your movie review basically pantomimed my intuition about the movie.
You'll have to give us an update on your writing soon. How's Cobra Cutlass coming along?? :)

KM Wilsher said...

ooooh, CC is about is great. I am going to enter it in Genesis in March. Hope to have it wrapped up next month and start the edit/crit group on it! Thank you for askin!

Re Mall Cop, so I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know LOL just kidding. I guess there are no surprises in Mall Cop. I liked some of the '80's jokes :)

I can't wait to hear more about AMERICAN MIDNIGHT. How is it progressing?

lynnrush said...

I haven't seen this. Looks to silly, but maybe I'll check it out from Blockbuster some time. I loved him in Hitch as well. I laughed out loud a bunch.

Shawna Williams said...

Hubby rented this a couple of months ago. It's good if you're in the mood to laugh without having to pay much attention to the story.
Gotta agree with the eyerolls.

KM Wilsher said...

Lynn, Yeah, a Hitch it is not, but I like him and that is why I rented Mall cop hee hee

Lots of 80's jokes. . .:)

Shawna. Guess we had to see it LOL

Kat Harris said...

My teenage daughter saw this, but she didn't like it.

Personally, I giggled every time I saw the trailer.